Saturday, January 11, 2014


We made it to the weekend and through the deepest of freezes this week. But more things happened for mum this week, but that can come later.

 We have been having lots of naps and such while it has been cold, but it is now amazingly above freezing! So a swing of 45 to 50 degrees from Monday to Caturday! However it got super slippery on last night, so mum was happy to make it home safely and be home.
Thursday night we were all cuddled up and ready to go to bed when the dinging dong door bell rang and mum found a box outside. 
 Filled with her little oranges to eat all the way from Florida!
 These got seperated out as they were super hard, most likely slightly frozen. They didn't go in the cold box right away so she could check them. She found the box may have been on the cold truck for over 12 hours! Sheesh, that is no way to treat this stuff, but one of those things that happen when it gets cold out. Mum says probably warmer than sitting outside our door all day long.
All stuffed into the cold box. We will take what is near the top in those tubs. HAM!

Oh and the other bother for mum? Well Friday night a buzzer went off in the dungeon, the pumper that pumps the water out died. (RIP little pump). But it is thawing so this pump as gotta work or it will mess up the dungeon work that mum just paid for.

Soooo, mum spend green papers to get the guy to come out yet on Friday night to replace the pump which meant spending extra green papers to pay the after hours charge. The after hours charge would apply to all weekend, so might as well get it fixed and sleep easy!

So we hope you all have a good weekend. We are going to mess about, nap, watch fevvers and snuggle with mum.


  1. We forgot that your mum gets her box of sunshine every winter! Hope those hard ones were ok.

  2. We hope those frozen oranges will make it too!
    Stay warm and enjoy the cuddles!
    ; ) Katie

  3. I hope the pump is working again soon - those sort of things can make humans grouchy!

  4. Maybe your mom could have paid the sump pump man in oranges? MOL!

  5. I hope the pump situation is all resolved. It's upsetting when things like that go wrong.

    Sydney, Australia

  6. Your mum's oranges look nice and tasty. Hope the pump is working right now.

  7. We think your mum should give you one of those orange things. We bet it would be fun to play with...roll it around some. :)

  8. My mom love Oranges too : )
    and I hope your Pump is back on like normal itself.

    Have a great Weekend

  9. Sorry to hear about the pump, and after all that work!

    Hope your Mom get so excited about her oranges that she shares her ham with you. Heh-heh.

    Happy Caturday!

  10. Our mom loves those oranges from Florida too.

  11. Oh, oranges are cheerful to eat during cold weather A shame they got so cold on the truck, but your mom is right, they would have been colder on your doorstep! We hope your pump is working again soon. That's a lot to worry about. Stay warm, all of you!

  12. Darn mechanical things...Mommy knows all about bad pumps where she works.

    If the oranges *were* frozen your Mum could make marmalade!

  13. TBT says the frozed oranges should still make good orange juice. An best of luck getting a new basement pumpy fast. We wouldnt want that hard work ta get ruined!!!


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