Monday, January 27, 2014

ManCat Monday

When cats die, they pass through the Purrrrly Gates. - Catwoman

They better have a special door or gate for us, we are priviledged bunch.

This winter will not give up, more snow overnight and Derby decided to lick some of that white stuff off of mum's outside boots.

 Nice and cold, and just hits the spot fine. Not to worry, mum does not use salt and stuff so it is pure snow he gets to lick.

We had a nice treat time with mum yesterday. Seems all the beans were discussing treat containers on FB, so mum got some pictures and then of us getting some treats. She doesn't dare open that container and NOT give us some treats.
Derby taking the treat and nearly mum's fingers!
Ducky, being gentle when he takes a treat.

Back into the deep freeze this week. Mum says she has to go into the office this week, seems there is a big meeting she has to be at today. Trust us, she would rather be home in the nasty cold.

Feetsball Report.

Well they played the Pro Bowl All Star game on Sunday. Who cares!

Now for a week of hype leading up to the Stouper Bowl next Sunday.


  1. Derby and Binga are a lot alike when it comes to treats! I am a lot more like Ducky - I am polite.

  2. You be careful with your mum's fingers - if you bite them off, she mightn't be able to give you any more treats.

    Sydney, Australia

  3. Well, we always await the Budweiser Clydesdale commercial with great anticipation!

    Have a great week!

    The Chans

  4. Hey, we should ask our mom to bring in some snow off our balcony. A long time ago, didn't they always play that pro bowl after the super bowl?

  5. Mmm, treats. Double Mmm, mom's fingers! MOL! Purrs...

  6. doodz...all we gotta say iz de stooooooooooooooooooopid..... HAWKS...better knot win.....poneez rool :)

  7. I am like you Ducky and am very gentle when I take treats. Did the snow taste good Derby?

  8. Yum! Those treat close-ups have us practically drooling like a woofie!

  9. I nearly take off the mom's fingers when she gives me treats, too. Wally will only eat them off the floor, not out of the mom's fingers. The mom has to put the treat in Zoey's mouth!


  10. Ashton can be polite with taking treats, but sometimes she gets too eager and can bite hard! You two look like you need lots and lots of extra practice taking treats.

  11. We like your quote today...we think the pathway to Heaven's cat flap will be lined with NIP.

  12. We especially enjoyed your song on TV yesterday: "I'm up all night to pet Ducky"!

  13. We got in on the treat jar discussion too!
    Seems that cool OXO jar is actually Waffle-proof!
    ; ) Katie

    Stay warm, kitties!

  14. I go crazy for treats, any kind of food really.


  15. the mom has to shove the treats in Billy's mouth and in Miles's mouth because they apparently forget how to eat when she holds food up for them.

  16. Hooray for treats! Y'all keep warm. It is supposed to snow here today, yuck!

  17. We assume that iffen there is a gate on the Bridge, it is allus open...


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