Saturday, January 25, 2014


Yay, we made it to the weekend!

First we want to send out purrs to Prancer Pie's family. He ran off to The Bridge after not feeling well for a few weeks. Comforting purrs to them.

A while back we won a time tunnel from Savvy and it arrived fast, but mum has let the package just sit and didn't open it for us! Savvy even frantically left us a message to make sure we did get it.

So since we did get it, we better show it off.
 Here is the time tunnel all packaged up, then mum used her thumbs to open it up.
 Derby going in for the first time.
 Ducky taking the same path.
 Mum being sneaky and taking a picture down the tunnel where you can see the dangely toy.
On the way out! Mum even thinks she has a good spot for the tunnel where she can leave it out and it won't be in the way all the time.

Thanks Savvy!

 Everyone have a good weekend.


  1. That IS one cool lookin tunnel! Ya went RIGHT in! We didnt use our reglar tunnel, so TBT folded it back up and put it away. He says he'll let us try it again inna few months.

  2. A triple entry tunnel! The things they come up with these days, and dangly toys too!! Way cool!

  3. We need to get Mom to put our tunnel out again. It's only got one in and one out, not as nice as yours!

    The Florida Furkids

  4. What a fun tunnel!! Ours is boring, haven't used it in a while.

  5. Those opposable thumbs come in handy, don't they?

    Sydney, Australia

  6. So sad about Prancer Pie, how sad for his family.

    Your tunnel is awesome, I usually like to sleep in them.

  7. That tunnel looks like lots of fun.
    I am very sad about Prancer Pie.

  8. Those three-way transporting tunnels are the best! You guys are gonna have so much fun with yours.

    We're very sad about Prancer...purrs to his family.

  9. We have one of those tunnels. The head peep keeps putting it away. Something about it taking up the whole floor. But it's so much FUN! It looks like you're having a blast with it, too.

  10. We would love one of those, only it's too big. Can we teleport up by you guys and play with yours?

  11. ooooooh...the tunnel is SPIFFY!!! Come visit us?

  12. You kitties are so lucky - Those three-way tunnels look like so much fun!

  13. That tunnel looks like fun!


  14. Wow--cool tunnel, guys! That three-way could make for some surprises, eh?

    Hey--who is your Mom rooting for in the feetsball now?

    We are purring for Prancer Pie's sweet family too. XOXOXOXO


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