Thursday, January 22, 2015

Ask Your Beans Question Day

Another year has rolled around to "Ask Your Beans Questions", so here I go!

Ducky: HiYa Mum. All comfy sitting here?

Mum: Yes Ducky I am all comfy.

Ducky: Good. When are you going to take down the Christmouse lights outside?

Mum: Not sure. I still have them lit so when I come home it is bright outside our house. Makes things a bit more cheery on these cold, cloudy winter days.

Ducky: Do you miss Derby?

Mum: Yes I do and I always will. Although I don't miss having to clean up his yaks off the carpet! The place is a bit cleaner these days. I don't have to haul out the carpet cleaner all the time. Even the litter boxes are easier to clean, you don't produce as much output!

Ducky: Will you promise me that I will always be an only cat going forward?

Mum: No, I won't promise that. For now you get to be an only cat. But should you get lonely you might want a fursib to play with at some point. Plus there are so may kitties who do need good homes, that maybe one would fit in here with us.

Ducky: Do you mind it when I come into the sleepy spot with you at night?

Mum: No, it is nice to have you cuddle up with me. Although sometimes I wake up because of you putting off so much heat. Just like a hot water bottle!

Ducky: Sorry, you know we cats are just a bit hotter than you beans. So that is why you get up to walk around a bit? Cool off?

Mum:Yeah, gotta cool down. I don't sleep well if I am too warm, but don't stop coming in to cuddle I would miss that. I gotta give my little mancat some loves!

Ducky: Aww mum! Hey, thanks for answering my questions!

Mum:  Anytime sweetie!

Taken right after the interview! Mum was still smiling!


  1. Your human was very obliging with her answers! My human is just the opposite when she's sleeping - she needs warmth or she can't sleep. She says she's the only human she knows who takes naps on hot summer afternoons!

  2. Awww, Ducky - you have trained up your Mum so very well!

  3. Great questions and pawsome answers!

    The Florida Furkids

  4. Fabulous interview, Ducky. Probing questions - things that we all wanted to know the answers to. Well done Ducky and mum.

    Sydney, Australia

  5. Seriously, this interview brought a tear to my eye and a lump in my throat.

  6. We think a new sibling for you would be great Ducky!

  7. dood...theeze bee troo lee awesum questionz.....N mum did a grate job answerin az well, unlike sum food serviss gurl we noe in trout towne who dinna even score .7 oh a point....


  8. Great Q & A Ducky :)
    We like that you cuddle with your Mom. We do too :)
    Purrs Georgia and Julie,
    Treasure and JJ

  9. Pawsome questions Ducky and your mom gave purrfect answers :)


  10. Those are great questions and answers Ducky. I like to sleep on top of my mum at night and she says I make her too hot as well.

  11. Good questions but I don’t know if you like all the answers.

  12. That was some unique questions you asked your mom Ducky. I know how it is nice to rule the roost & get all the attention now that you are an only cat. I felt the same way for a while after I lost 3 of my fursibs over two years. But after a while, I got a little lonely for someone to play chase with, someone to be able to talk cat language with & snuggle with for a nap. I also missed ordering underlings around & having someone to hiss at occasionally to tell you the truth. You could still be top cat since you lived with mom first. I think you might reconsider being an only-cat down the road. Your mom picks the best cats to live with her. She picked you & Derby didn't she? I like that your mom still has her cheerful Chrisymouse lights up 'cuz they make her happy to come home at night from her day hunting job. I cuddle with my mom at night. I have trained her to sleep on her side and wrap her arm around me so I don't roll off. She says I have wrecked her shoulder, but I don't know why she complains since she only has to stay like that for 6-7 hours a night for my confort.

  13. Touching interview. The head peep loves it when we snuggle, except she doesn't like waking up all tied up like a pretzel because we have pushed her into a funny shape on the bed. That's fun to do, though. You should try it some night, Ducky.

  14. Ducky, you and your Mum are a good pair!

  15. Those were some good questions...and answers. :)

  16. Those are a lot of questions, Ducky! I think I would have just asked when dinner was!

  17. Those were such good questions and very thoughtful answers too!

  18. Those were wonderful and sweet answers, Ducky! Glogirly's like your mom... she's always getting so HOT when either of us piles on top of her.
    : )

  19. Great questions and great answers. Especially the one about getting you a fursib.


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