Monday, January 5, 2015

Mini ManCat Monday

Cats are glorious creatures ~ who must on no accounts be underestimated... Their eyes are fathomless depths of cat-world mysteries. - Lesley Anne Ivory

HiYa Ducky here. Well, I guess you would know that by now. I am the only one here. Well there is mum, but, well, um, guess she doesn't count, since she isn't a cat!

We is doing OK, adapting and getting used to things without Derby. Mum says for now I will get my chance to be an only cat. Once she sees how things are in time, maybe she will find me a fursib, but no need to rush. I would ask Dora to move in, but that would be a long move from the UK. Plus her mum would miss her.

Mum and I can't believe all of the visitors we had as well. Thanks for the support and comfort, mum has tried to visit everyone, but then she gets all leaky eyed. So we will just say thank you here.

We know we have lurkers who read the blog but don't usually comment. Well, they stopped by to comment! I hope I can keep up the standards that Derby set, and keep you entertained.

Things that are different now that I am an only cat.

I can take my time eating the treats mum gives me knowing I won't have anyone trying to get in on my share. Mum was watching me the other day, I kept looking over my shoulder between bites. Guess I don't have to do that now.

I can sit in any window, sunpuddle, bed, the tower, etc. and not be interrupted.

I love my play times with mum. Again, don't have to worry about having someone try to take over.

I get fed the treats I like. I am really not into Greenies, so I get other things.

The litter boxes are less messy. I hate to speak bad, but Derby had a habit of not covering and not just recently.

Mum is making a few changes to the blog, since my paws won't work all the stuff. First, we will keep the same blog linky, so we don't break everyone's links to here.

The name has changed, to "Just Ducky" cuz it is now just little ol' me! Mum is working on a new header picture, got a few to try and see which one looks the best. Of course, she has to amember how to change the header picture! She hasn't figured it out yet, cuz she hasn't done it in ages. Whoops time out, she found it and picked one for now.

Feetsball Report

Playoff time and our team, The Pack, is playing, but got this weekend off. Next week they will be playing the Dallas Cowboys on the frozen tundra of Lambeau Field. They won last week, even though a monster guy was stomping on ARodg.  Said his feets was numb, more like his brain!


  1. Ducky, we know you will do just fine blogging solo. Derby was a wonderful mentor. Mommy admits to getting a bit teary seeing your new header, and on our Reader your blog still comes up as "Derby and Ducky"...

    Enjoy your Mum, and tell her that Mommy will actually be rooting FOR the Pack!

    ABC = Anybody But Cowboys!

  2. Well, we'll be cheerin for da Cowboys - dey had to play dat certain stomper today and eeked out a win.

  3. I know you'll do fine on your own, Ducky, and you'll get used to all the changes. A lot of them are good changes for you, although they probably feel a little lonely right now.

  4. I imagine that your mum's eye will be leaky from time to time for many months to come, Ducky. It goes with the territory of loving your cats.

    Good to hear that you and your mum are establishing new routines and looking out for each other. I love your new blog header. A gorgeous pic of you.

    Sydney, Australia

  5. There are benefits to being an only cat :)
    You will enjoy them, but we know you will miss your big brother.
    Purrs to you and your Mom.
    Purrs Georgia and Julie,
    Treasure and JJ

  6. Hi Ducky! We think we kinda bumped into you and Derby some around the CB over the years. We wanted to visit with some of the friends we were meeting in the Christmas Card exchange this past Christmas. Then Ms. Ann sent out the news about Derby, and we were so sorry. We are looking forward to getting to know you better in 2015...and beyond!

  7. In some how, Me & Mom do leaking while reading this post. Dude, I do believe in you ! Take care of your mommy and send my hug to her.

    Lots of love

  8. THings are gonna change now, Ducky... Some good, most sad...

  9. You and Mom are doing a great job!
    We think your header pic is adorable, too.

    Hope you are stayin warm and cozy.

  10. A lot of responsibility comes with being the only mancat in the house, but we know you are up to it, Ducky! Still missing Derby...

  11. We imagine it would be some adjusting to say the least but we are very confident that you can do the job on your own. Pawhugs Ducky.

    Emma and Buster

  12. Glad to hear you're adjusting,it will be sad though.

  13. will take sum gettin used two for sure; eye noe eggs act lee how ya feel, when sauce took off in search oh de rainbow trout, de food serviss gurl said...may bee....tho trooth full lee eye am better at bein an onlee kitteh..eye should haz been frum de get go ..but...

    yur lookin good on yur new header; ewe N mum picked a grate fotoz...

    N may bee sum day her said...ewe will haza new brother ore sister...noe rush

    feetz ball ree port

    GO OHIO STATE !!!!!♥

  14. ACK....Mom did a whole comment for us and hit the wrong button and shut down her computer....

    Anyway.......we know you will do a great job blogging and life will settle into a new "normal" soon. Leaky eyes will still happen (we still get leaky eyes over our Angels).

    The Florida Furkids

  15. You are doing fine Ducky. Change is hard and it doesn't feel right blogging without your brother, but you will get used to it. The tears are sure to come and will for a long time, but when you feel sad you have to think back on the happy times.

  16. You are doing just fine and I know how hard it is for your mum. I know you will find it hard just blogging for one. There will as Flynn said be many tears for a while. Hugs from here

  17. You're going to be a fine solo blogger, Ducky. We know that change is really hard, but this is your chance to learn whether you like having your human all to yourself. You can take care of her when her eyes get leaky, and she'll help you with things like your nice, new blog header. It's a great photo of you.

  18. Ducky, yep, there are some advantages about being an only cat. I remember when my older brother Scooter left for the bridge and I was an only cat. I got lots of lap time with mom and the bed was all mine! But then, a few months later, Ernie came along and I had to learn to share again. It wasn't so bad. ~Wally

  19. Ducky you and Mom are doing just fine :) It is going to take some getting used to being an only child. Mazie was one for awhile when Oskar went over the Bridge. Mom's eyes still leak sometimes, but that is O.K., we all understand. Love your new header, you look quite handsome :)
    Marty and the Gang

  20. We like the new look very much, Ducky. We're heartened to hear that you and your mum are adjusting some. Take care of each other!

  21. Ducky you will do a great job blogging just by yourself. we like the changes that you had your mom make

  22. We have every confidence you'll do fine, Ducky. Derby was a great teacher and you learned so much so well. We really like your header photo and look forward to seeing more of you in the years to come!

  23. Ducky you are doing a great job handling the blog with mom's help typing & technical stuff. When we have lost one of the kitties in our family, we looked for them for around 2-3 months, but after mom washed all the blankies & we couldn't sniff their scent anymore, we adjusted to the new normal. As much as we missed seeing our brofur or sisfur everyday, we also found there were advantages like being able to eat a leisurely meal & hog all the good nap spots as much as we wanted. Once in a while our mom talked about maybe adding another shelter kitty to the family, but she said she wanted to wait until the time feels right for all of us. We were glad she waited a while so we didn't have more stress too soon.
    By the way, that business with Derby not covering his litter box business - that is usually something the Alpha cat of the household does to show he is in charge. He may just have been lazy, but usually it is a way to show dominance. It's OK to be sad & miss the things you loved about Derby and it's natural that you enjoy the being the only cat for now. We bet you are a comfort to your mom. Maybe you will become a lap cat yet.

  24. I know Derby would be very proud of you and Just Ducky is a cool name!

  25. If she's like Jan, your mom's eyes will be leaky for a long, long time. We like your new header and blog title and know you will do Derby proud.

  26. Oh Ducky! You will do wonderful blogging as you get use to it!
    Samantha & Mom


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