Saturday, February 7, 2015


HiYa, Happy Caturday. Me and mum had a nice snuggle in this morning. She has been out, done all the weekend errands and can now stay home and chill with me.

Me sitting in the space between the kitch-hen and the dining room. Although I don't think mum has ever dined in this room. It is more of the sit and read, or watch fevver room. Or the, just passing through room.
 Katnip Lounge wanted to know if we were snowed in. Heck no! We winter people know how to get out in the snow, even when it is snowing. Plus they get out and move the stuff around so people can drive safely like the next day.

This is our driveway so the metal monster can get out. All clean and drive except at the very end. So no issues at all. Plus today is supposed to be melty, so what little bit is still on our local street will go away.
Mum even got the metal monster itself all washed and looking purrty, at least for a couple of days.

Have a wonderful weekend gang.


  1. The dining room in our house is mostly the place where random stuff gets put on the table - and where Binga and Boodie catch sun beams in the afternoon.

  2. That is a lovely photo of you Ducky.

  3. Ducky, we laugh at those people who ask if we get snowed in. You're so right...we can handle winter. Even getting 16 inches of snow didn't stop us! :)

  4. Great pic of you, Ducky!
    Half of that snow would cripple us in Eastern Oklahoma. MOl!
    We are impressed at your hardiness.
    Stay warm!

  5. Our "dining room" is more like a storage room.

  6. You look terrific and that looks like a great spot to make sure nothing gets past you!


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