Saturday, September 26, 2015


Hi Ya, Happy weekend.

Mum was off to an early start, out the door and now back. She looks all purrty as she went and got her hair curled.

She even had nice pictures to look at while she was fussed on. Seems the owner of the shop is an artiste!
Mum told him she like them, the pink and blue series. He said it was magenta and turquoise! OKAY! These artistes are sensitive.

So mum is home now with me, says she will get to her inside chores today. Tomorrow outside. Plus she says she will need a nap this afternoon! Goody, we can nap together.


  1. Humans are funny about colors, even with kitties! I'm a "ruddy" Somali, and you should hear how huffy breeders get when I'm called brown!

  2. Nice art, but it still looks like pink and blue!

  3. We woulda said pink and blue too, Ducky.

  4. Looks more like fuchsia and cerulean. MOL MOL!

  5. That artwork doesn't especially appeal to me, Ducky, no matter what colour you call it. I'd prefer looking at you!

    Sydney, Australia


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