Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Tuesday This and That

Our marvelous weather continues, so nice to have mum come home and open all the windows. She likes it too, nice weather for outside work and grate sleeping weather.

Mum went out with Miss Lynn on Caturday evening and brought home a little box. For a change I got some of it, FISH! Trout Towne will be happy about that.
 Waiting very nicely for mum to share, notice that I am close but not too close.
 At last a little bit for me, it had cooled off so I didn't have to worry about biting into a hot stuff.
That piece was good, how about a few more? Yep, I got a few more. I wish mum went out more often for fish. Tonight I had a bit of her chick-hen! I wonder what will be for dinner tomorrow?


  1. It's so nice of her to share with you!

  2. Yum! My human's boyfriend has made salmon now and again, and I always get some... but it's been a while!

  3. Yay mum for sharing. Perhaps beef will be on the dinner menu tomorrow.

    Sydney, Australia

  4. DOOD !!!! how total lee kewl iz thiz !!!! yur mum kneads ta bring home fish thiz manee dayz oh de week.....

    12 ~~~~

    { N her shoulda leeved de BURD wear her finded it ta start with }


  5. Your mum's fish 'n' chips look very tasty.

  6. Ducky, you are so lucky. If my mom gets fish and chips (or even KFC), she eats it in the car! She says it's because we all harangue her when there's fish and chips or KFC, but I think she's just plain selfish.

  7. Yer lucky. We never see fish on TBTs plate. We do get some of his chicken though.

  8. How cool ! It's so nice of your mom to share with you ! Yummy ! Purrs


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