Monday, October 12, 2015

ManCat Monday

[A kitten] gets himself into every kind of trouble... - Jules Champfleury

Woohoo, we had a marvy day yesterday. It may have been our last day with really warm temps, so mum got the windows open early.
 A bit of a morning wash in the window, but ho, I think I see a sqwerl!
 Yes mum, I see you are taking pictures of me. But I am picture worthy!
 Mum got lazy in the afternoon, she did a few chores, then just planted her bum in a chair outside and soaked up some rays and warms.

Feetsball Report

The Pack - Pulled out a win, still unbeaten, although it wasn't a pretty win. ARodg broke his streak and threw it to the wrong team, TWICE! But our defense returned the favor catching FOUR of the other guys passes, including one for a pick six!

The Broncos - They won, but not becuz of Mr Peyton. The scoring was done by the defense and the kicker. Oh well, a W is a W.

Have a good week everyone.


  1. It's still in the 90s here! I'd like a little crispness and some open windows!

  2. Nice to have some window whiffies, Ducky!

  3. Sounds like your week is off to a good start.
    Enjoy your warms while they last. We could send you some of ours, though. Oklahoma still has the hots. Bleh!

  4. dood...nothin wrong with mum chillaxin...her can uze a brake two ~~~~

    feetz ball, well, we getted a win...but......nothin ta gt two egg cited bout !!

    happee week a head ♥♥♥

  5. Lovely pics, Ducky! You're right to enjoy the warmth and sun whilst you can!

    The Chans

  6. It's great that you got a beautiful day before the cold weather sets in.

  7. We had winds and rain yesterday and today is sunny and cold (Mom bean says only 45F this afternoon). But the sunny room is warm and we're enjoying it!

    Have a great Monday Ducky! That sqwerl better watch out for you.

    Sasha, Sami, & Saku

  8. You are ALWAYS picture-worthy, Dicky!

    Sydney, Australia

  9. We had warm temps today too - in da 90s!

  10. We had great weather yesterday too...the windows were open! And today wasn't too bad either, though the mom was at work and couldn't enjoy the day with us.


  12. Oh window whiffies are great..our spring is here Derby but really it is like summer we are out in the kitty day spa getting as much whiffs as we can :) we did our tocks post today so please pop by and say hello..thankyou for such a great idea :) Paw pats Dinnermintz and the gang xx

  13. Your mom is right to right to enjoy the warmth and sun with you instead of being too busy. Purrs

  14. Good idea for your mum to enjoy the warms before the cold winter gets here. My Tocktober post goes up on Wednesday.


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