Monday, February 8, 2016

ManCat Monday

The only mystery about the cat is why it ever decided to become a domestic animal. - Sir Compton MacKenzie

Why not? We have every conveniece at our paws thanks our beans. Comfort, foods, loves. Why rough it?

We had a super sunny day yesterday, the snow is melting, and the sun is coming north. It is now hitting the door frame in the back.
 AM above, PM below
 Door frame and hitting the little litter box room cabinet.
OK, me, well I just hung out in the house. Napped, played, ate some noms, mum even gave me some ham!

Final Feetsball Report

Mum has bragging rights for this year. She picked them Broncos and Mr Peyton. Those black kitties just couldn't keep up and Mr Newton proved gravity exists. Letting the ball drop to the ground and getting dropped to the ground to himself.

So no more feetsball until  pre-season. Mum thinks since Grandpa Brett got elected to the Hall of Fame, the Pack will play in that game come August.


  1. Some say that cats haven't been domesticated - that they're just pretending because of the benefits but do their own thing whenever they want to.

    Sydney, Australia

  2. Sounds like you had a great weekend, Ducky!

  3. We're looking forward to Mr. Sun coming around to our favorite part of our house, like it is at your place. Spring is coming but until then, stay toasty! Um, did you say ham??

  4. I will be glad when the sun decides to pay me a visit!

  5. Didn't all orange cats pick the Broncos? I know Izzy did!

  6. We're supposed to get a little snow tomorrow. Wally wanted the orange team to win. I'm a little disappointed in the panthers. ~Ernie

  7. We totally agree with you Ducky. What's the point of bein' a wild animal when humans offer most of us cats such a cushy lifestyle. Treats, regular meals, toys & warm laps to lounge in sure beats having to hunt down mousies or burds every time we get hungry. We finally got some sun today after bins enjoyed our 1st sunny warm day in ages. We spent the day following the sun puddles as they moved from East to West. Hope we get a few more days of sunshine before the rain returns. We heard the frogs singing in the pond across from our house. Their croaking is almost always a reliable sign that springs not too far away. BTW Ducky, your looking pretty darn cute in your photo today.

  8. Seriouslies, staying in the warms and the foods is the SMART way to go!!
    Window whiffies are wild enough for us!


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