Saturday, August 20, 2016

Caturday - Retirement 101 - Session 2

 HiYa, Ducky here, Happy Caturday. Going to be just a bit cooler this weekend. Maybe mum can open up the windows a bit for fresh airs.

 So for today's retirement adjustment seminar we are going to talk about eating.

Meal Times

Now that the human has a different schedule, it is very possible that it will affect your eating habits. They used to have to get up and get going to run off to day hunt. Now, they can be slugs and stay in bed longer. DO NOT LET THEM DO THIS!

Your tummy and that empty feeling when you haven't been fed on time is not acceptable. So in the morning, jump on them, sing the songs of our people, anything to get them going so that you get your meal on time.

In the afternoon or evening, if they have been out all day, or have come home late from having fun. I suggest laying down and looking faint. Make like you are so famished that you don't have enuf strength to stand up and get to the food bowl. That can make them feel guilty for staying out and ignoring their special little kitte. That could bring on extra treats being handed out!

Also, this might be a good time to throw a, I don't like what you are feeding me, so that they have to cater to you with new foods. Worth a shot, you might find a new favorite.

Good Luck!

That is all for now. Next topic will be   - Naps.

Plus if you have suggestions for topics you want covered, please leave me a comment. Good luck with our retiring beans.
Happy Weekend.


  1. More good advice, Ducky. Since I have been ill and don't eat well, my mum keeps food down for me all of the time. However I still expect it to be changed to fresh food on time. We have had visitors staying this week (GJ's mum and dad) and my food has not been changed on time and I have let them know that it is not good enough!

  2. I agree with Flynn, Ducky. Some excellent tips here. But ... if your mum is going to make a habit of sleeping in, then she needs to put down fresh food for you before she goes to bed. That way you can tuck in whenever it suits you. And of course, if that happens to be 3 in the morning, and then you choose to jump up on the bed and do a spot of laundry right up near the pillow, then that's nothing other that what she might expect of a fastidiously clean cat, isn't it?

    Some topics that I'd be interested to hear your thoughts on in this retirement seminar series are: how to exercise/keep fit in retirement; does the rug-sucking monster need to come out nearly as often now that your mum has retired?; home-made treats - food and toys - that you mum now has time to make for you.

    I'll keep my thinking cap on - I'm sure I'll come up with more.

    Sydney, Australia

  3. Ducky, you must write a book now! Great tips so far and any help we can get living with a newly retired Mum is welcome and appreciated!

    Here's a subject: spending more time on that computer now that she's home 24/7 and not paying attention to us.

  4. This is really good advice, Ducky. Especially about the possible disruption to your eating schedule. That is not acceptable!

  5. Obviously, this is something that needs to CHANGE. You need fresh food whenever you want it. What is this FUN stuff? Humans should NOT be having fun when YOU are home suffering without punctual meal times!!!

    The Florida Furkids

  6. Excellent advice ! It looks like you have to train your humain from the beginning again ! Purrs

  7. We need to remember this advice because Mom Paula is scheduled for retirement very soon.

  8. My human has always slept in - even when she wasn't working at home, she worked it out so she didn't have to show up until around 11 AM! So all the kitties she's ever lived with know that breakfast doesn't get served until mid-morning.

  9. Yes, you need to keep on after the human cuz they know not what they do. Change has occurred and it needs to be righted fur you.

  10. Thanks for these tips, Ducky. So far we haven't had a problem with getting fed in the morning. The mom still feeds us around the same time as before. But...we've been eating dinner earlier because we don't hafta wait for her to come home from work and we start bugging her earlier. Score!

  11. It would be like having weekends all week (YIKES) see they get up at 3:30AM Monday through Friday so Daddy can exercise before work (we all think that is STUPID, especially Mommy who would rather sleep) so we get feed at 3:30 or shortly thereafter and we sort of like it. But Saturday and Sunday they sleep all the way until 7AM and we are STARVING. Poor Doggies only get feed at supper so they wouldn't care. And when Daddy is out of town we are forced to STARVE until Mommy gets up because she doesn't care if we scream with hunger. Mommy is making us tell you the latest she ever slept was 8AM and that was when she had a bad cold.

  12. Great tip! Our beins are always home, let us know if you want some tips-they are tough to train, but it can be done.

  13. This morning to get her out of bed I tried standing by her pillow and attempting to hork up a hairball in the bed. She just shoved me off so I ended up horking it in the hall. Scout

  14. Dont be surprized iffen ya cant get yer newly-retired Bein up on time ta feed you like they used to. They have generally been deprived of sleep and freedom fer 30 years or more and it takes them a while ta catch up. TBT is still catching up after 10 years...

    On the other paw, there will be this new regular "lunch" thing evry day, not just weekends. Look forward to it. With some experience, ya will learn ta stretch it into 4 or 6 smaller meals per day and thats better than 2 big ones.

  15. I am reading this with SO much interest as I think at the end of this year I might have reason to learn these lessons well. The Human just hasn't been able to pull the trigger on the retirement dealio yet, but I think the time is coming soon.... I want to know EVERYTHING!


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