Thursday, August 25, 2016

Garden Thursday

Hello and Welcome to Garden Thursday with Virginger, Glimmer and Trooper.

We had a few nice days but now the muggies are back. Mum got a lot of stuff done while it was nice and less humid out. Now she waits for another cooler, less humid day.
 One of the bit things she has been working on is the grape arbor. It grows so fast and gets out of control. Plus mum thinks it puts so much energy into growing and doesn't make lots of grapes.
 Here you can see a few grapes hiding inside the vines. Mum doesn't want to totally expose the grapes.

 Mum lifted up the leaves on another part, one of them is even starting to turn purple!
 Here is the huge pile of stuff mum has to haul away. She lets it sit for a few weeks and "wilt" down. Then there is less bulk to cart off.
Silly sqwerls left us this on top of the outside storage bench. It is a black walnut seed inside its husk. Mum knows where there is a tree, but it is several blocks from us. So them silly sqwerls carried that a long way. Mum will see if it is still there tomorrow!

PS - Thursday morning the little green seed was gone. Mum saw no sign of it. No Miss Megan, we don't want a black walnut tree in our yard. They is messy trees to keep up after. 

That is all for now. Love Virginger, Glimmer and Trooper.


  1. TBT is really impressed by the grapes! Well, ta HIM, they are edible.

  2. Could your mum split open the black walnut seed and plant it perhaps? Or doesn't she want one of those trees in your yard?

    Sydney, Australia

  3. My mum says those grapes look lovely.

  4. How lucky for your mum that she has grapes! We're glad the squirrel came back for his seed. We hope he didn't just bury it somewhere in your yard!

  5. The hots and humids are back for us too...but it's supposed to be nicer tomorrow and this weekend. We get those black walnut things around here too...the squirrels are nuts! MOL!


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