Saturday, August 27, 2016

Caturday - Retirement 101 - Session 3

Happy Caturday. Another glorious weekend. Although mum says, all her days are like weekend days. No having to get up early to go day hunt. She can do what she wants on any day. So much easier to get appointments to places like the doctor (hers and mine), car stuff appointments, hair cuts (hers) etc. Plus time to go meet people for lunch and catch up with them.

Topic for this week is naps.
Naps - if your human is home and you are napping, they need to just let you nap. No need to wake you up to play. When you are ready to play you will go find them, then they better stop what they are doing and play with you. Mum and I have two set play times. Right before bedtime and when she first gets up. Plus we fit a few more in during the day whenever we are in the mood.

Human naps, if they nap, then join them. If they can take time to snooze, you need to go snuggle up with them. That way they think you care about their rest. You do care don't you? Now naps can be done in different places and where they choose to nap may depend on how tired they are.

The overnight sleepy spot - this probably means they are super tired and will be napping for a longer time. They are either out partying late or doing too much stuff that they get all tired. You might just need to be with them long enuf to get them to sleep, then you can take off to do your own thing.

The couch - often the beans are watching the moving picture box and just fall asleep. These are probably brief naps and they will wake up suddenly and all confuzzled. They forgot where they were, what they were doing and what happened to the show they were watching.  Please be careful here, they might be a bit crazy or dangerous here.

The special napping chair -  We have one of these, it is also the reading, fevver watching chair. But it reclines! Feets can get elevated and if you really want to nap you just push back a little farther. Nice. If mum is here I am usually nearby. My tower is right next to it so I can snoopervise or even better, occupy her lap.
 When we first got the chair, Derby checking out the view and comfort, we sit here too to watch outside.

 Feet up position, room for a kittie on the feet resting spot.Then the all the way push back for napping.
 Here is when we got the tower. Mum put it right next to the chair, so we could all sit and watch outside.

It even gets used in the evening. Can you see both Derby and me? Both as real and reflections?

So far mum is not napping lots, but she does occasionally. She makes sure she gets her regular sleeps and lots of them. So usually well rested. But I caught her last Sunday, trying to read and nodding off, so she gave up and napped. I moved into her lap to make sure she stayed put for a while. 

That is all for this weekend. Have a grate one and next week we will cover  Sleeping, regular overnight sleeping!


  1. An excellent summary of the finer points of napping with a bein, Ducky. Surely your mum realises that she has a napping expert in you, so if she needs any tips, I'm sure that she'll turn to you.

    Sydney, Australia

  2. Good points! Mom isn't much of a napper but Dad is and we take full advantage of it!

    The Florida Furkids

  3. Do you snore? Mousie used to snore like a rhino!

  4. Ok, maybe not a rhino, more like Fred Flinstone!

  5. Great lesson, Ducky! Our favorite spot for naps with Mom is our recliner.

  6. Great summary of your new organisation, Ducky ! Purrs

  7. Nothing wrong with a good nap.

  8. My mum naps a lot more now than she used to. She is always missing the ends of programmes. My favourite spot is the recliner. I am not a lap cat though, so I go on the back by her head.

  9. Great lessons! We think Mom Paula is really getting ready for retirement because she's taking lots of naps.

  10. Naps are great, you should force your human to take them daily.

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  12. My goodness Ducky, there sure is a lot of things to learn. We have a couple of years before the mom bean is home all the time, so we're soaking in your lessons.

    Have a great Sunday!
    Sasha, Sami, & Saku

  13. Training retirement humans sounds like lots of fun!

  14. You've got a great handle on all this retirement napping and stuffs, Ducky!

  15. Yer Mum is going ta get lots of sleep fer a while. Mebbe even more than you. But in large chunks.

  16. Excellent advice, Ducky!

    We think that winter and cold weather are probably more conducive to cozy naps.

    The Chans


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