Saturday, September 10, 2016

Caturday - Retirement 101 - Session 5

HiYa, Ducky here. You guys made it to the weekend. Mum says everyday now is the weekend and she likes that. The weather guessers say it is finally going to get cool and be less humid for more than one day. Mum went walking yesterday AM and came back all sweaty! She wants to walk without getting all sweaty.

Our lesson for this is Play Time

My main playing times are right when mum gets up and before she goes to her sleepy spot at night. So I have to get her going to play with me at other times. So I will be dropping the mousie in her lap and waiting for her to toss it. Or I just make a toy out of something else. Last night mum had her water bottle cap just sitting there. Fair game, it was now my toy! So if you are not getting enuf play time, make your human interact with you. Knock over that water bottle, push something off the table. Maybe then they will give you a work out!

Best way to show you my play is with a moovie, so enjoy.

So humans, now that you have all this extra time, please make sure you are setting time aside to play with your kitties! Take time to find out what type of toy suits each of us the best. I am partial to mousie type toys I can bat around. Others might prefer a wand toy, or maybe both. Try lots of different toys until you find what works best.

Plus, please refresh they toys. Nothing makes play more boring than a toy that has seen better days. If we play with it hard, it might not last long. So if you find something your kit loves, go get a few more when the first wears out.

Next week - half term holiday! Yeah, you guys have been so good with these lessons. I am giving you a break next week. Enjoy.

Week after that, we will take up our lessons with your humans being away!


  1. Nice pouncing job, Ducky. Around our house, old toys are the best.
    No matter how many new toys are brought into the house, Mickey and Rufus
    prefer the old favorites. It's a good thing I can bring all the extras to the cats at PAWS.

  2. We thought you were going to take a snooze in that box!!!

    The Florida Furkids

  3. Another excellent tutorial, Ducky. Keep 'em coming.

    Sydney, Australia

  4. That was some good pouncing, Ducky. My favourite toys are my kickers. I like to start off with butt smacks, but mum does them very gently now because I am very bony.

  5. Another great lesson! Prancie loves to knock things down, but not to play, she wants a snack.

  6. Our mom needs to make more time to play with us, Ducky. Cod knows she has lots of it now.


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