Saturday, September 24, 2016

Caturday - Retirement 101 - Session 6

Happy Caturday everyone. Hope everyone had a nice week off from our retirement sessions. Plus, the time off leads directly into our topic of the week, your humans being away.

 I figured something was up, just didn't know exactly what. Mum not only had her red traveling back out, but a bigger one too. She put lots of things to wear inside, then zipped it shut to keep me out!

So on Thursday the 15th, me and mum were snuggling like we usually do in the AM, but then she scooped me up and put me inside her hot rain room! Hey!
 Then I also noted that the PTU was sitting just outside and thought, I gotta go to the stabby place? Wasn't I just there and got a clean bill of health? No, something far more complicated!
It was a short ride and then mum took me inside a building. I hadn't been there afore, but I could smell kitties and woofies. Then I got taken and put inside my deluxe accomodations for the next week. A two room suite, one for eating, the other side for my litter box.
I got treated nice, played with, treats and just generally treated like the VIK that am. My suite was just inside those corner windows. So I had a nice view of outside.The place is associated with a Stabby place, so if I got sick, I had help right there.
Then mum took off and didn't come home for a week. She drove and drove and drove her metal monster to the OK state to see her brother, and her nephew and family. Plus she saw a bunch of stuff.
Caturday, a trip to Woolaroc, they saw stuffed and real animals. An old fashioned house, Native American items and history on the Phillips family and company.

Hmmm, seems they crashed the Phillips Company picnic! Mum said she joked with the one guy who told her to keep driving to the main parking area about crashing the party. He said go ahead! They did, water, soft drinks, ice cream, games!
Then a few days later mum went to a sad place, Oklahoma City National Memorial. She says she remembers this far too well as she was on the phone with a sales rep in Oklahoma City, suddenly the call ended in a burst of static. It was the charged particles of the bombing disrupting the call.

 The chairs, the little chairs are for the children who were killed.
 The view of the reflecting pool, this was the street that ran in front of the building. 
The time before the blast, the time after.

The view from inside the museum looking across to the area of the chairs.
Across the street to the west there is a church, they put up this as a memorial as well. Also very moving.
More to see later, the OK State Capital building, complete with its own formerly working oil well out front.
Then more on history and when and how OK became a state. Seems they took land from the Native Americans and gave it to other peoples.
Then time to come home to me, but with a few stops along the way for more visiting and museums. Off to the Land of Lincoln and the Lincoln Museum in Springfield. Mum liked this place, full of history and well done she says.

Then finally home to me. We have been having lots of nice snuggles together.
Plus mum found this in her paperwork after we had been home a day. Seems they even told her what to do with me at first. Mum put food and water out right away and once I was done exploring the house to check it out I chowed down. I have been snuggling with her lots and lots. Even doing multiple trips walking up and down here while she was in the sleepy spot.
 I know other kitties have people come to their house to take care of them. Mum wasn't impressed with the ones that are around here. The old place mum used to take us, I was only there once, wasn't as nice. This was the same cost as a pet sitter, nice that next door was a stabby place in case I got sick. When mum dropped me off one of the vets even came out to talk to mum.

So whatever works for you, get a good sitter or place to stay. I know mum would not leave me forever, so while I missed her, I knew she would be back.

The bad news, is now that she is not working, I have a feeling more of these trips will happen.


  1. I am sorry you had to be away from home and your mom for a week, she owes you big time. I am glad she had a nice trip though.

  2. We are so glad she and you are reunited! Such a happy picture!

  3. So you had a vacay too, Ducky! Too bad you're not closer to us, because next time you could stay here. Now, THAT would be an adventure!

    Anyway, about the OK City bombing--our mom, who worked in an IT department, remembers slipping into the server room with a colleague to secretly watch the news reports on that newfangled internet. Very moving memorial now.

  4. How nice that you got to go on vacation too! We're sure your Mom gave you extra loving and treats when she came back!!

    The Florida Furkids

  5. That was a very interesting holiday that your mum had. It looks like a nice place where you stayed too, Ducky. You can't beat having your mum back home though.

  6. We're sorry you were abandoned for one week, and we hope you got some extra-treats for this. But we're glad your mom had great time and had a great trip. Purrs

  7. That was quite a trip your human took! Fortunately for us, we have a great pet sitter - with three of us (plus Smokey, my human's dad's cat), it would be expensive to board us all. (Although I usually come along on trips.)

  8. Our tub thing cant trap us cuz it has a weak curtainy thing. But we will watch out fer any hard glass door thing showing up!


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