Saturday, April 1, 2017


HiYa, Ducky here. Happy Caturday, Happy April Fooling Day.

No fooling, we have a bright sunny day at the moment. Me and mum got up and are enjoying the sun puddles coming in the front window. Not a cloud in the sky and we hope it stays that way.
 Here I am sitting on mum in her robe this AM. Telling her what to type into the post. I loves sitting on mum's boobities. No I haven't been shut in the closet this week! Mum has been careful to check for me.
 Mum did cooking yesterday. She made these little lumps of ham and put them in the oven. They smelled good and tasted good too. Mum has lots in the freezer so we will have more to eat in the future and she says she will do this again.
 Me sneaking up behind Fleur and checking her out. I haven't been messing with here much, at least that mum can see. She is quiet, very skinny too.
 Sorry Fleur, gotta do this. Must sniff your butt and it doesn't smell like cat. Are you sure you are a cat?
The rest of the girls are out and about in the yard. They finally decided to make their appearance and we had a nice catch up chat.

Happy weekend. Hope you have sun!


  1. Early mornings in the sunshine, how nice! We have clouds and chill and our mom is trying to decide whether to turn on the heat.

    Fleur must not eat a lot!

  2. Yay! It sounds like spring has decided to stay at your house for a while.

  3. I am glad you have good weather, and hope the girls are enjoying the sun.

  4. How nice that you have good weather ! Purrs

  5. We had sun today too so we spent the day soaking it up.

  6. I'm also a big fan of 'batch cooking' - making enough for a bunch of meals and putting them in the freezer. It means that I always have something that I can pull how and heat up if I don't feel like cooking from scratch.

    Looking forward to the year's first garden tour.

    Sydney, Australia

  7. Mom does the same thing with her black bean burgers, eggplant meatballs, scratch pasta sauce, etc. Dad's learned to embrace the healthy stuff, but he secretly longs for good old fashioned meat-type cooking. Shhh, don't let mom know or dad will be grounded!

  8. Sunshine is the best Ducky! It is beautiful here today and we're enjoying our time in the sunny room.

    Have a great week!

  9. At least she doesn't eat your foods, Ducky.

    We wonder what's in those hammy lumps? We think they look tasty.


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