Saturday, August 5, 2017


HiYa, Ducky here. It is a beauty-full morning here today. All sunny and getting nice. Yesterday was a bit cooler out, but no problems for us.

Mum is home this weekend, hooray! Early in the week I made sure I was other places when she first got up. Exploring the dungeon or whatever. So she had to wake up on her own. Now that she is behaving and staying home with me I am back to giving her lots of cuddle time in the AM and back to purring her to sleep at night.

Mum made her pickles the other day, so she has her treat to eat on, but she also brought me a treat. They had cat grass right next to the pickle things, so she brought some home for me. Here I am checking it out.
 Even a short video of me getting my first bites. I like the grass a little bit, Derby was a huge fan of this stuff. Then again, he would eat it and then yak it right back up. So mum had to clean up after him. 
 Mum's big container of pickles, they should be ready to try to taste them today. Mum says this is enuf to last her for months.
Back to the open window, like I said, sunny and nice outside. Enjoy the weekend, we will.


  1. That's some nice tasty looking grass! Your mum has been busy with the pickles. They wouldn't be any good to my mum though because she doesn't like vinegar.

  2. *Sigh* I still sometimes forget I am commenting as myself now and not Flynn. I usually realise before I publish but missed it this time. Must be because I am tired, but also 11 years of speaking as the boys is a hard habit to break.

  3. That grass looks tasty! Maybe if I ask nice, my human will buy some - Binga always throws it right back up, which is why never gets it.

  4. TBT says we hork up enough inside from outside grass. He isn't going to give us more inside!

  5. That cat grass looks great! The human said those refrigerator pickles look great to her. We kits might like a sniff of them, though. MOL!
    Enjoy those window whiffies, Ducky!

  6. Your grass looks tasty ! That's a lot of pickles, your mom must have been busy ! Purrs

  7. Yum! Pickles and cat grass! What a combo!! MOL!!! xoxo catchatwithcarenandcody

  8. I'm not a fan of grass. You sure look happy when you're eating it.


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