Thursday, August 17, 2017

Garden Thursday

Hello and Welcome to Garden Thursday with Virginger, Glimmer, Trooper and Fleur.

 Our big old grapevine, but mum isn't seeing any grapes this year. She hasn't figured out why, but she had to pull the vines off the lilac next to it. The grapevine kinda gets out of control. Mum sometimes thinks about getting rid of it, but likes the block to the naybors.
 So there is the pile of the vines that mum needs to haul off to the compost pile.
 So a few flowers as well, these are just outside the kitch-hen window. Mum forgets the name of the of it, plus the lilies that the one naybor calls "naked ladies".
 The one below is our ornamental thistle, this one isn't so bad with sending off seeds. We have a few of the other kind of thistles too.
That is all for this week. Love, Virginger, Glimmer, Trooper and Fleur.


  1. All pretty in shades of purple this week.

    Sydney, Australia

  2. Nice flowers! But we like the wild grape vines here. Ours don't make grapes, but TBT moves them around to creative light or shade and they don't seem to mind.

  3. No bees, maybe? Or maybe those stoopy squirrels ate all the grapes?

  4. hay ewe galz......tell mum if herz gonna get rid oh de grape vine; think 13 timez 90000 twice.....itz knot gonna bee eazee....noe food gurl N her gram tried gettin rid oh sum that was ground cover; tried everything under de sun N moon... N nada....even firez.....what final lee got rid oh it was liquor.....N thatz knot a typo ~~ ☺☺♥♥

  5. The grapes and flowers are nice. With the new meadow bed, we have a lot of flowers we don't know the real names of either.


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