Thursday, October 26, 2017

Garden Thursday

Hello and welcome to Garden Thursday with Virginger, Glimmer, Trooper and Fleur.

The weather has turned. It was super nice up through Caturday, since then, cool, windy, rainy and maybe a bit of frost to come really soon.

Mum has started to clear out the deaded plants in the garden. She worked on Friday when it was super nice out. She got two sides of the house done, plus part of the big garden as well.
Here is the back of the metal monster all full of stuff. Mum even tossed in one of the mums that is well past its prime blooms.

A few of the branches  were so long they stuck up near where mum has to sit to drive. But she safely made it to the compost place with all of the stuff. She hopes to get more done today!
The spot of the big garden that mum cut down, some weed killer is needed, it is being invaded by something mum doesn't want to grow there. Remember, a weed is something that is growing where you don't want it to grow.
This is part of the back, all cleaned out of the plants that gotta go. The snow on the mountains died back and is starting to grow again. Mum doesn't cut it back, it will just get buried with snow.
Other side of back cleared out with the exception of one of the butterfly bushes, it was still growing good. So mum will leave it until it gets freezes.

That is all of this week. Stay warm. Love, Virginger, Glimmer, Trooper and Fleur.


  1. Great job mum!

    Sydney, Australia

  2. Your human sure worked hard on all that. There was so much garden in that thing she hardly had room to drive it!

  3. We bet she's glad she doesn't have to juggle all this gardening with work any more!

  4. The garden-closing time is allus sad. We have a few weeks ta go, but we know it is coming. The pole beans died this week and TBT got the last of the cucumbers off the dying vines today. Some flowers are frost-tolerant and will bloom for a couple more weeks. After that, he will snip off the seed heads and let them dry in the cool basement until the first freeze. Then he will rub them all together into a pail.

    When the last flowers go dry, he wil cut them all to ground level and spread the dried seeds all around the beds. Most of them are supposed to be "self-sowing" so he hopes they will grow more flowers next year.

  5. We have some of the same plants (mums, butterfly bush). Mom cleaned out the veggie beds last weekend and trimmed a few plants. We still have a few weeks before we can do hard pruning.


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