Thursday, November 16, 2017

Garden Thursday

Hello and Welcome to Garden Thursday with Virginger, Glimmer, Trooper and Fleur. Our final Garden Thursday for this year. Time for us to have a well deserved hibernation during the cold months.

Mum is almost done with the garden clean-up, one more day she needs and it won't take the whole day. Then just waiting on the rest of the leaves to come off the trees. Then it will be all done.

So this week we will share a few pictures that we don't think we shared earlier in the year. Just some cute and fun stuff. 

 Mr Cardinal getting something to eat in our feeder, as it gets colder, we see more fevvers stop by.
 Mr Sqwerl jumping up on the fevver bath to get a drink. There is always water here and not frozen stuff.
 Mr Red Tail Sqwerl, climbing up on the support. This guy was small and silly!
 Raccoon alert. Mum got up and saw that they had pushed the lid off the storage can. So she got out the other heavy bungee cord to put through the top. That keeps them from getting in.
 Same day, they knocked over the whole bird bath. Either jumping on it or off it. Thankfully the stand is metal and the dish part is heavy plastic. So nothing broked.
 One little goldy finch deaded on the patio. Mum isn't sure if it just died or crashed into the big window and then was deaded.
Splish, splash. Mr Robin taking a bath this summer. After bath time mum has to put more water in!

That is it! Everyone have a wonderful winter, stay warm and safe. We will see you next spring.

Love, Virginger, Glimmer, Trooper and Fleur.


  1. Stay warm over winter you guys. See ya' in spring.

    Sydney, Australia

  2. Thanks for all the tours! We're glad your mum cares for the overwintering creatures too.

  3. happee winter sleep two ewe gals....think of warm dayz N flowerz N we will due de same !! :) ♥♥

  4. Have a great winter in hibernation!

  5. Welcoome winter ! Mr Cardinal is gorgeous ! Purrs

  6. We love the cardinals. They are so big and bright red that they really stand out in the snow (or even just the dull brown). We have quite a few. TBT has counted as many as a dozen males at once. The females are harder to see but we sort of assume there are about as many.

    We are trying to convince TBT to get a heater birdiebath. He says the drainage easement never freezes entirely and there are lots of rocks for them to hop around on, and that he woukld have to make sure the birdiebath was filled all the time. But we cant see them in the drainage easement!

    BTW, the flagpole hanginging thing you asked about is actually a Purple Martin House system. There is a pulley in the top to raise and lower the houses. The white houses are designed to allow martins in but keep starlings out. It doesn't prevent sparrows though.

    He is sort of giving up on it because the landscape has grown and the martins like open spaces. He may try another location though. He hadn't thought of using it for feeders and may try that. He says that sounds better than getting the stepladder out for the regular feeders though. If you want more information, email us so we get write longer and send links...


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