Saturday, January 6, 2018


HiYa Ducky here. Happy Caturday. For us the sun has risen and is shining in our front windows. The weather guessers say this will be the last really cold day for a while. I hope so.

So me and mun stay warm by staying inside. We watch the outside stuff and marvel how others are out and about on these cold days. Like fevvers and sqwerls.
 One of the goldy finches coming for a drink. Mum refills the bath daily but with the extreme cold it gets all icy around the rim. Somehow the fevvers don't mind sitting on the cold ice with their feet.
 We have been seeing Mr Hawk often the past few weeks, coming by looking for something he can eat. Mum says he can have the sqwerls, she counted 7 of them in the yard the other day, all eating around the feeders. Well, except this guy!
Plus the fevvers are so brave they are even taking baffs! Mum just shivers seeing them getting all wet when it is so cold out.
Of course you want to see me, well here I am in a moovie. This is extreme closeup of me on mum's lap the other day. Can you spy my one dark whisker? Mum says it makes me look even more handsome.
That is is for now, stay warm if you are in the cold area. Don't hurt yourself if you have lots of snow to clear. Happy weekend.


  1. You look very sweet and sleepy. I saw your dark whisker!

  2. Ducky, what a cute video of you! Those squirrels had better be careful with that hawk around!

  3. Another Oscar-winning performance from you Ducky!

    Sydney, Australia

  4. I saw your dark whisker right away!

  5. You are such a handsome mancat Ducky. Enjoy watching the fevvers but keep that hawk at a distance.

    We hope the warm weather arrives soon. Stay warm!

  6. What a lovely video, Ducky ! Better keep an eye on that hawk. Purrs

  7. The birdies were tweeting around on the coldest morning yet here...what is with them? Ducky, you are very handsome!

  8. Our colds are sposed ta go away tomorrow, and are we glad! Its been in the singles and teens every night fer a week and sometimes the highs are less than the average lows.


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