Monday, January 22, 2018

Mancat Monday

Only imbeciles do not know that all cats have a pact with the devil. - L'Evangile du Diable

HAHAHAHAHAHA! You Betcha we got a pact with the devil. How else can we look so innocent, but create so much mischief!

 Mum made it home on time and you can see that I am sitting on her to keep her in place. I needed to catch up on my proper doses of loves and scritches. Plus I spent a long time sleeping with her as well. She loves her warm, furry heater.
So I was on her lap later and she just couldn't resist and got a moovie of me getting some loves!
Plus I forgot to post this on Caturday to say farewell to Jasper, another one of us fabulous gingers. Have fun at The Bridge with the rest of the gang.

Feetsball Report

The Stouper Bowl teams are set.  The Guys called Pat and the Eagle birds. Mum and me wanted the Jaguars, but while they were ahead early in the game they couldn't hold on. We were super happy that the ViQueens got their backsides handed to them. Plus the streak continues that no home team has ever played in their home stadium.

 Plus today is Answer Your Cat's Question Day.

Ducky: Why don't we have much snow this winter?
Mum: Well, some winters are like that. Lots of snow some years, not so much others. Less snow means safer driving for humans which is good.

Ducky: Can you order me some sunpuddles?
Mum: I can order them, but I can't ensure they will arrive. I can't control the weather!

Ducky: Why do you go away so often?
Mum: I don't go away that often. A day or two here and there. Mostly to play with racy cars or to go with Miss Lynn to the mayo place. I may be taking a longer trip though later this year. So be prepared!

Happy week everyone.


  1. Ugh! Tell this L'Evangile du Diable human that I don't even know who this devil person is, much less have a pact with him.

  2. Ha ha ha, warm furry heater- That's me, too!

  3. I'm concerned to hear about your mum's plans to go away later in the year: it's not too early to start using any trick in the book to ensure that your needs are given priority in her absence Ducky. I think you should start drawing up a list!

    Sydney, Australia

  4. We are sad about Jasper too. And cats don't mess with The Devil...that's just silly! They are WAY SMARTER than any old devil.

  5. Those are great questions, Ducky. And an awesome video!

  6. I wish we could order sunpuddles!

  7. Nothing beats having a mom to warm up to!

  8. We hope you get all your snuggles, Ducky.

  9. Um, why is your Mom wearing a lamp shade?
    I like the video of you getting, and giving, loves.

  10. Your mum is so funny wearing that lamp shade on her head!

  11. Wouldn't it be good if we could get sun puddles on demand!

  12. We havent gotten much snow either. But it got bitterly cold fer 2 weeks. We're not sure which is worse.

    We rooted fer the Jaguars (felines got ta stick together) and the Vikings (so there would be a Home Team in the Snooperbowl). 0-2... Well, fortunately, we cant bet on games. At least we wont spend a day watched the final game - we hate both teams in it!


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