Monday, January 15, 2018

ManCat Monday

Love is the only force capable of transforming an enemy to a friend. - Martin Luther King Jr.

Today is the day we honor the guy whose quote is above. So we need to spread love all over the place so we have more furiends. That is true of the cat blogosphere, we have so much love and furiends all over the place.

Winter is coming back, not as cold and some snow is to come. Mum doesn't have anywhere to go, so we can sit and watch the snow come down. Started to snow late on Sunday night.

We did lots of fevver watching this weekend. We were seeing lots of birds and some birds we don't see often and we were seeing lots of them. Above is a red poll and below a siskin.

You can see them in big groups on the ground. With no snow it was hard to pick them out and figure out just exactly who they were.
Mum watched a tiny bit of the feetsball. She was bummed that the ViQueens won at the last second of the game.
 Me, I was just hanging out with mum as she readed her book or worked on the puter. I get lots of loves and especially tummeh rubs. I loves tummeh rubs!
Have a wonderful week everyone.


  1. Good to see ya getting your fair share of your mum's time and attention, Ducky.

    Sydney, Australia

  2. My human thinks that Martin Luther King Jr. Day is more important now than ever before.

  3. Sounds like it was one of those wonderful soft and slow days to have tummy rubs. We like those kinds of days.

  4. This weather is purrfect for tummy rubs.

  5. Beautiful quote. Enjoy your tummy rubs ! Purrs

  6. The Hubby enjoyed the football games, while I enjoyed working on the crossword puzzle, and playing with the kitties!

  7. Those look like the very best tummy rubs the way you are enjoying them.

  8. We haven’t been seeing many birds because the mom hasn’t filled the feeders in weeks! They’re hanging in the backyard and it’s too snowy back there for the mom to go back there...or so she says.

  9. We hardly ever see any birds these days. But we'd trade seeing any at all for belleh rubs like you get, Ducky!


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