Tuesday, April 16, 2019

Tuesday This and That

Sad day around the world as we see the pictures of the Notre Dame cathedral in Paris. Mum was there back in September and she is happy she got to see it. The walls are standing, they need to get a roof back on, clean up the mess. It will take years, but it will be back.
Our snow is gone again. Got bright and sunny on Monday, warmed up nice. By late morning still some around, but by dinner time, pretty much gone!
Mum had to get a new grass eater, seems the old one had some serious engine issues. The old one didn't last more than 6 years! That isn't long enuf, these things take green papers to get and that probably means I get less treats!
I just sat in the window and enjoyed all the sun puddles that came through on a sunny Monday.


  1. Ducky, all green papers must go to your upkeep and comfort! That's what happens around Eastside Cats, and why I'm still working when everyone else I know is retired...*sob*

  2. Yes, it was sure sad to watch that fire yesterday.

  3. Sounds like it's finally spring at your house!

  4. We were so stunned and saddened to see that destruction. We hope that with all the contributions that it can be restored to at least some of its former glory.

    Sorry about the grass eater--today our mom feared that her vacuum was dying. She would think that was very bad (not us, though) but it was just the canister not quite being replaced right. She was relieved since it's shedding season!

  5. Very disappointing about the grass eater. 6 years is definitely NOT long enough. I hope you don't have to miss too many treats to compensate for the unplanned expense. Hey - I know: why don't you suggest that your mum gives up HER treats instead? LOL

    Sydney, Australia

  6. dood...pleez tell mum thanx for sharin de fotoz oh Notre Dame ♥♥♥

    N yea six yeerz iz knot a good span for grazz eaterz....de food gurl switched it up ta electric coz her getted peeved with de gas modelz....

  7. It was just heartbreaking to watch that gorgeous and most important structure burning.... I pray they find out the cause.

  8. That old building burning was sad. We don't know much about it though. We are glad Spring is arriving though for you!


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