Tuesday, June 1, 2021

Tuesday This and That

 We got mail! A really nice mail, actually a package from the other side of the pond! Hmm, it wasn't from my sweetie Dora, she is in the UK. This is someplace called Switzerland. Hmm, who do I know there?

Mum was like Ducky, you know the Swiss Cats. Switz or Swiss? OK!

Cute card with a cousin and a nice note from Zorro, Pixie and their mum Claire. They picked me as the winner of the blogoversary drawing!

Lots of cute toys, some treats and even something for mum.

Mum sat the box down and I decided I needed to check things out again. I picked something to play with and mum caught me having fun with what I picked.

Lots of thanks to Pixie, Zorro and their mum. It was a super prize package. Will have lots of fun with all of the toys. 

Mum got all of her plants in the ground yesterday. Now she just needs to keep them watered and well, pull some weeds!


  1. That was a lovely package to receive, Ducky. I enjoyed the video of you playing.

  2. What a sensational package, Ducky! Lovely to see you in action in that moovie.

    Sydney, Australia

  3. What a wonderful prize to win from our Swiss friends. Ducky you sure got a lot of swag and you know how to enjoy it too. Did you get that ball out from there my friend?

  4. dood...conga ratz two ewe N mum; what a grate gift ewe ree ceeved frum pixie and zorro; we noe ewe both will N joy de awesum goodz for a long time

    and 984 paws UP; yur moovee rocked buddy and we due hope mum getted yur toy out frum under de hammick for ewe ;) ☺☺♥♥

  5. What a fun prize package, Ducky! And you sure are enjoying yourself.

  6. Those were such nice things and we loved your video Ducky!

  7. What a great prize Ducky ! Have fun ! The Swiss Cats are great friends !

  8. Wow! What great goodies you got, Ducky!

  9. Yay ! We're glad you enjoyed your prezzies ! Purrs

  10. We have received gifts from The Swiss Cats in the past and they are always awesome! Enjoy!

    Tama and Benny

  11. Concatulations!! The Swiss Cats always send the best goodies!!


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