Wednesday, February 15, 2023

Wonderful Wordy Wednesday

This weeks February Challenge, the local Food Pantry! It serves multiple areas and was founded by a group of local churches to join to do more together. 

I fill in as requested and help with checking the donations, as you see above, for expiration dates. Then moving them to the shelves for their type of food. Plus we prepare bags of food for pickup. Since the pandemic started clients no longer come inside to select their own items. They get three set bags and then the fourth one is where they can request special items that they might need. 

One book that I had been on a long wait list. The latest of the Library Lover's Mystery series. The only book I had to pick up at that time. I was the last of the holds as I could have renewed the book. However, these books usually only take me a day or two tops to read them.

The Plot and the Pendulum has an Edgar Allan Poe feel about it. Want to find a skeleton in a hidden room? Weird tricks of drafts, flickering lights and red herrings? Who done it?

 But then there is always the next book!

Happy Reading.


  1. For sure, there is always the next book to read, even if the one you've just finished still haunts a bit.

  2. Mark's Mews: TBT: I complained to a friend once that I can never figure out mystery books. He told me to read the last chapter first and then everything makes sense when you read it from the start afterwards.

    The volunteer work sounds great!

  3. It's a mixed blessing to finish a really good book. Wonderful to have had the experience but ... now it's finished!

    Sydney, Australia


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