Wednesday, February 8, 2023

Wonderful Wordy Wednesday

This weeks submission for February Challenge? My crochet stuff. Most of what I make gets donated to give to others. The bunch from a couple of years ago when I took them outside to take pictures!

The top two DVD's I won participating with friends for Trivia Night at the Library. Five of us get together, calling ourselves the Over the Hill Gang, and we do pretty good. The librarians answer the same question, so are we smarter than the librarians? Sometime yes, but two of our team members are retired librarians!

Prose and Cons the second book of the Magical Bookshop Mystery series.

The Perfect Escape, didn't get into this one.

The Paris Bookseller is a fictional account of the life of Sylvia Beach who owned the Shakespeare and Company bookstore in Paris. Of note is that she was the original publisher of James Joyce's Ulysses. About her life, her interactions with Joyce and friends and her life in Paris.

This Boy We Made a true story of a couple who has a child with a rare medical condition. How the couple interacts with a medical system and educational system for disabled people, compounded by the fact that they are a minority family.

The Power of Fun author states we need to have more fun. Actually more True Fun in our lives to combat depression and loneliness.


Happy Reading.


  1. A few years ago, I met the young American couple who are currently running Shakespeare & Co.

    Dog ears have always been a no-no for me, except on Ollie!

  2. Am smack dab in the middle of a series, but more books keep showing up in my library queue! Maybe it's time to think about retiring, so I can get more reading done. AND, I have a fine collection of bookmarks, purchased from museums or gifted by friends, but I usually use a sticky note or a receipt...

  3. oh cod yea, da mum haz to have dee reel thing, no reading bookz on devices, but she readz nooz on da computer. no dog earz tho cuz she haz a thin cardboard bookmark that she found in a used book she bot

  4. Still trying to get some reading in and luckily found in one of those on the side of the street little book library thingies, Dan Brown's The Lost Symbol. Love his books and that kind of subject.


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