Monday, November 10, 2008

ManCat Monday

Cats vocalize in a variety of ways, expressing a wide range of feelings and needs. A high-pitched gurgle, for example, is a friendly sound. When it's combined with a gently but insistent meowing, your being asked for a moment of undivided attention.
Oh yeah, talk to me baby. Pay attention to me, NOW. Mum sometimes swears that I must have some Meezer in my background. There are times I just love to talk.

We had a few of those white flake things flying around in the air. No enough to cause problems. It did get cold enough for mum to wear her warmer jacket today. She filled the birdie feeders on Sunday afternoon, when she came in her fingers were furry cold. I didn't like that she wanted to use me to warm her up.

Hope everyone has a good week.


  1. That is a great picture of you, Derby! Sorry to hear about some white flakes and the cold. It's cold here but thankfully not that cold.

  2. I want more than a moment of undivided attention! I want an hour or so. I figured out my Daddy needs help reading the paper. I think he forgot how, so I help him.


  3. Sometimes my mommie and I have good conversations. Talking is fun.

  4. You must have had lots to say, Derby! Wow ... Snow, already??


  5. Oh sorry about the white flakey things, but we are gonna keep the sun for a while longer.

  6. White floating stuff already?!? Yikes ... now I remember why we moved to South Carolina.

  7. I talk a lot in the morning when I want Dad to pick me up or pay attention to me.


  8. that is not cool she used you as her personal heater. doesn't she know that humans are the cat's heater not the other way around?

    it is cold here too. no flakes yet. sorry about yours.

    stay snuggled by the warm vent things

  9. Wow, what were you twying to tell your Mom? Snow! I want to see snow! I've never seen snow before!

  10. WOW - what an impressive mouth you have!
    Mrs. OZ accepted your Dare!

  11. love the pic of you Derby - it's really great. Mom warms cold hands on me too - it's a bit cheeky isn't it?


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