Friday, October 3, 2008

Campaign Break

I never knew running for office would be so demanding. I need a rest before the push over the last month. So I am taking a short break. Be back next week.

Thanks to Zoolatry for the picture.

I will have to watch for BeauBeau and his beans coming to visit the Packers. Maybe I won't get as much rest as I expect.


  1. You must be exhausted. Make sure you get plenty of relaxing in.

  2. you've been campaigning hard haven't you? i hope you get a good rest. make sure you eat enough to keep your energy up.

  3. Campaigning can be tough. I'd just sit back and let the others beat themselves up, then you can come in and step to the lead!

  4. Derby, enjoy your rest. I think you did a fine job yelling your answers in from outside, seeing they apparently don't take us seriously as candidates. Just you wait...

  5. Now wait a minute, Derby -- why weren't you allowed to participate in the vice-presidential debate last night? Something smells here, and it's not stinky goodness!

  6. Poor derby, looks like yoo been werkin real hard.

    will all pay off in end.

  7. You look good on Red. Enjoy your rest.

    Tiki, Tavi, Cody, Camie and Miss Jade

  8. My, you look very patriotic there, Derby.

    Better rest up. You & Chey are down to the wire now and no doubt will have an exhausting race to the finish. I still don't know what to expect when we 4 show up at our local polling place. Will we be allowed to vote for you & Chey as write-ins?

  9. Derby, we sure hope you and Chey can fix this MESS our HUMANS have gotten into!

    ~ moose, turtle, nala and lola


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