Monday, October 27, 2008

ManCat Monday

Oh. Auntie. isn't he a beauty! And is he a gentleman or a lady? Neither, my dear! I had him fixed. It saves him from so many undesirable associations. D. H. Lawrence 1885-1930 Puss-Puss
Well since we have had our various operations we can hang out with each other. I suppose our beans wouldn't let us hang out together if we hadn't. We would be making kittens left and right .

Feetsball report

Brett the Jet - won even though he tossed 3 INT, mum said he shoulda lost

Colts - don't play until Monday night

Packers - get the weekend off

Mum is hating getting up these mornings. Says it is just too dark when she has to get up so she can go to work. Says five more days of getting up in the dark, then the time will switch. Is this where Patches has to help us find the hour we lost in the spring?


  1. We feel yur mom's pain bout gettin up in da dark. Our lady wakes up to da light so guess who has to do da job of gettin her up efurry day when it's dark?

  2. Mommy doesn't like getting up when it's cold. ~S,S & C

  3. Our beans are cranky about having to get up in the dark too! They should just take lots of naps like we do.

  4. Our people hate getting up in the dark, so we help them by waking them early...

  5. That extra hour ... does that mean we get to nap longer with our Moms and Dads, or does that mean we get to wake them up for treats sooner? I always get mixed up...

  6. I hate the time switch in fall 'cuz it steals a whole hour's nap away from me.

  7. I don't mind the time change, but my mommie does. She likes waking up in the light, but doesn't like that it gets dark before she leaves work.

  8. Mommy says the same thing about morning - it's just not right to get up in the dark. We say the night time is the right time!

  9. See, beans don't take enuff naps, it wood be easy for them to wake up fast if they did like us and took lots of naps!

    Derby, we posted our Tocktober picksher for you today and Jazzy did a speshul one.

    Happy Belated Purrthday!

    Finny Buddy & Jasmine

  10. Meowmy didn't get up this morning but she hates the dark too. You won 2nd place in our Frisky Fall Contest!


  11. Our Mom hates getting up any morning. She doesn't care if it is light or dark, as long as the clock reads am instead of pm. Of course that could have something to do with what time she goes to bed too.

    That is a great picture of you playing with the string.

    Tavi, Cody, Camie and Miss Jade

  12. dark and cold is most definitely BAd noos! My Mom hates it too.

  13. Just walk all over her clock and maybe you'll change it for her. I'm sure she'll appreciate your helpfulness.

  14. Go look in the clock Derby. You will find that lost hour in there.

    It's me, Mittens, that heped Momma figure it out.

    Mittens Pollypaws


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