Friday, October 17, 2008

Farewell Friday

Our buddy Tiki went off to The Bridge. Have fun my furiend, you are healthy and free from pain. Your family and furiends will miss you, but you are in a better place.
Flower Friday

Mum planted seeds for moonflowers this spring, she planted them with the morning glories thinking she could have flowers all day and night long. Well the morning glories have been blooming for about two months. Blooming better now than they have all summer long!

Mum noticed some different flower buds in the past weeks and guess what? We finally got a couple of moonflowers to actually open up. Mum has pictures. They aren't the best since she had to use the flashy on the flashy box, but at last mum says.

She came home one night this week late from work as usual, then ran off to do errands. When she came home it was dark, but the flower had opened. So she came in to get the flashy box.

Finally Friday

While mum is not as brain dead this week on Friday as she was last week, she is still tired. She is sort of keeping up with stuff, but coming home later than she used to. Says once she gets her project done, hopefully in the next few days, she won't be there so late!

Happy weekend every one.


  1. Purrty flowers!!!
    ~The Creek Cats~

  2. We's sad bout Tiki too. We just finded out this mornin. Those flowers are furry purrty. We fink Mommy would like flowers that bloom at night too. Glad yore Mommy is gonna get less bizzy before long!
    Sanjee and the resta the Hotties

  3. We were very sad to hear about Tiki.

    Those are marvelous flowers.

  4. We're sad about Tiki as well, he was a good furriend.

    Those flowers sure are pretty though!

  5. Tell your mom that the Woman says taking a day off was the breath of fresh air she needed! I hope you have a lovely fall weekend at home together.


  6. Tell your mom that the Woman says taking a day off was the breath of fresh air she needed! I hope you have a lovely fall weekend at home together.


  7. Your flowers are lovely. My mum is very tired too, lots of work. I hope you get a nice weekend with some relaxing.

  8. Nice to see dem purty flowers. Good fing yur mom has time to see dem at nite efun tho she am awfully bizzy. Beauty is at all times.

  9. We'll miss Tiki, too.
    Yur mom grows purty flowers! Our mornin glorious didn't make flowers dis year. The growed all ofur the fence, but no flowers! Maybe Mom needs to add Moon flowers.

  10. Sorry to hear about your friend.

    Those are very pretty blooms.

    purrs Goldie and Shade

  11. Such pretty flowers.

    Sorry your mom is so tired. She'll be back to spoiling you soon.

    We are sad about Tiki too.

  12. doze ar byootiful flowerz ...
    so lemme get dis strate ... da moonflowerz come owt at nite.
    i like dat.

  13. We were sad to head da news about our meezer friend Tiki. On a lighter note, them Morning Glories are beeyooteeful!

    AND we gots our 'tocks up fer you!

  14. Good luck to your mom that her project gets done. Those flowers are quite lovely!

  15. Derby, my mom would like to know if those Moonflowers smell nice. She thinks she has read about them but wasn't able to find seeds. She loves plants that smell nice an those are really pretty. Mom says it's great when self-sown plants do well.
    Purrs, Siena

  16. Thank you for celebrating my Gotcha Day with me - it meant a lot to me and really saved the day!

  17. Too sad when one we know goes over the Rainbow Bridge. Tiki will be missed by all but will forever be free of illness and forever will be with loved ones that were waiting.
    So sorry.

  18. Oh, I forgot to mention that it was nice to get together when you came over for my paintball party. I hope you had a nice time. It is always nice to get together with you.

  19. I am sad about Tiki, too. The flowers are very pretty. We have some little wild morning glories that came up in the vegetable garden that we never got around to planting this year. They are tiny, but very pretty. The moonflowers are very pretty.

  20. So pretty maybe they opened to say goodbye to Tiki. FAZ

  21. We understand about busy Moms -- our Ballicus Mom has has been so busy lately.

    What beautiful flowers! And we are sorry to hear about sweet Tiki. Our thoughts and purrs are with Tiki's family.

    Thank you so much for your sweet birthday wishes. I had a lovely day!

    Love and cuddles from Dorydoo.

  22. LoL~! love tis pictures!
    such a cute Cats!!

    frontline plus for cats!

  23. We are very sad about Tiki too.

    Those flowers are so pretty!! Mama said we used to have some of the Moon Flowers too, she said they are really beautiful!

    We're puttin our `tocks up on our bloggie for your birthday!!

    Hugs & Purrs,
    Sammy, Festus & Emma

  24. The flowers are pretty. Thank you for helping us say goodbye to Tiki. It means a lot to us.

    Tavi, Cody, Camie and Miss Jade and our Mom ~ Tara (not the cat)


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