Friday, September 26, 2008

Getting Older

Senior cats may become crotchety and depressed, partly because their slower reflexes prevent them from doing what they once did with ease. Some prefer solitude, while others want to stay close to their family members. Cat a Day Calendar
While we all are getting older I cannot be considered a senior catizen just yet. But this week three members of mum's family got older. On Wednesday, Uncle Flip and Aunty Pam both had purrthdays. On Thursday Grampie had a purrthday. So happy days to all of them.

Mum came home rather late yesterday. She went to have dinner with Grampie for his purrthday and spend some time with him. Plus one of her cousin's stopped in to visit and stayed for dinner too.

Flower Friday

We are still getting our blue beauty Morning Glories. Mum thought they were all done, but now sees lots of baby flower buds. If it doesn't freeze they will get to be flowers.

On our cooler mornings the flowers haven't fully opened up when mum goes to get her newsy paper from where the guy tosses it.
Finally fully open and looking good.

The new foods I had, mum thinks maybe we are a test market area. Max's mum said they had it too in Catifornia and they liked it. But it does cost more. So keep an eye open in your stores. It was just in our regular grocery store along with all of the other kittie goodies.

Happy weekend everyone.


  1. Happy Birthday to all your family members! Wow, this was a popular week!

    Lovely blooms, hope the wee buds get a chance before the cold hits.

    Purrs Shade and Goldie

  2. Our Grampy did not plant Morning Glories this year, but he did put in some Moon Flowers. He just dug them all up the other day, after they reseeded themselves. We don't know why because no one's ever out at night to see them blooming. Sometimes Grampy is a little bit silly.

  3. We've had a fresh round of flower buds starting too. Maybe all the rain after such a dry summer got them going again.
    We hope Flip & Pam aren't getting so old that they can't jump up on the counters anymore!

  4. Have a wonderful weekend Derby


  5. Wow! Happy birthday to all your family members! What a busy week that is!

  6. Happy Birthday to all your family. It's so nice to have all those birthdays clumped together. Hope your Mom gets to see some more flowers bloom.

  7. You're far from being a senior catizen yet, Derby. Now me...that's a different matter! I'm over 11 now.


  8. Happy Birthday to your grampie, uncle and auntie.

  9. We actually have some morning glories in our backyard that just appeared one day from nowhere. They're very pretty. I seem to be aging in reverse. I have more play energy than Kaze the past 2 weeks!


  10. Happy Birthdays to your people that got older. Hope they have lots of happy times during the year to come.

    Have a great weekend Derby!

  11. Happy Purrfday to all the Beans who had their purrfdays Derby. We didn't have many flowers this year because all the rain we had made them rot.

  12. Happy Birthday to your family members, indeed! Your morning glories are beautiful - our dad says we might have some pretty ones left that mom will photograph tomorrow morning!

    Purrrrrrs, China Cat

  13. I sure hope I never get called a senior cat! And those morning glories are lovely!

  14. lookin' good, Derby! I think Pumpy and I are officially senior cats, unfortunately.

    Morning glories look tasty.

  15. Those are pretty flowers, we don't have those but we do have sunflowers open at the moment. They are flowering a bit late this year.

    Derby, I just posted some pics on my blog of me opening my package from you!

  16. We are all getting older - it's true! Happy Birthday to your fambily members. Those chick-hen dinners you had looked real fun but if you ate around the chick-hen we are skeptical.
    Mr. Chen & Ollie

  17. The morning glories are beautiful! I wish I could nibble on them....just a little....


    PS. You are a yung'un, according to all da cat foods, I'm a senior cat now at 6 yrs old. Happy belated bdays to all your family members.

  18. Oh, that flower picture is so pretty! Happy Birthday to everyone!

  19. Happy birthday to your uncle, aunt, and especially grampie.

    Your morning glories are stunning!

    Skittles, The Huntress

  20. Dulcie is 15 now, and does quite well for a pensioner with a bad leg.
    She seems to have found her second wind this summer, and has got her hunting boots back on. Keeps bringing me little presents!


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