Monday, September 8, 2008

ManCat Monday

We have a theory that cats are planning to take over the world, just try to look them straight in the eye...yup, they're hiding something! -Dog Fancy

You bet we cats are planning on taking over. The Feline Domination Party is alive and well and asking for your vote. The other candidates will not be able to fulfill your needs, as much as they might promise.

I had an interesting weekend. I got outside and not inside my porch. On Friday mum came home and went outside to check things out and I was right behind her. She caught me quick before I got far. But then she walked me around the back yard so I could see the flowers close up.

Then on Saturday morning mum was working to spray some white foam to plug up gaps along the siding and the patio. When she was done she open the back door and out I went. Mum said some bad words, but grabbed me quick. I got some of the white foaming stuff on me. So I didn't get a tour of the back yard, I got brought inside quickly to have the white stuff washed off my furs. Mum said that it wouldn't be good for me to try to clean it myself as the stuff inside me would not be good.

I appreciated the comments on the post about the good ol' days. Like many of you, we do our best to keep up with our furiends, new and old. Some blogs get checked daily, others weekly and the rest when we can. Just wish there were more time in the day, but priorities first, napping and eating above all else.
Mum helped me add all of the linkies we had to add. The we went through the links we did have to check them out. Specially the ones where we don't visit often. Well, some of them are gone or haven't posted in over a year. Others were marked as private, you had to be invited to read them. So mum cleared those off my linkies. We don't want to send you to places where there is no new news or nothing to read.

The Packers play feetsball tonight for their season opener. Should be interesting to see how they do. I got my furs painted to join in tonight. Mum's work said they could dress down and wear team colors today.

Continuing purrs for Roscoe to get better. Lot of kitties in the CB are pulling for you my furiend. Get better soonest.


  1. You have our vote and our full support. ~S, S & C

  2. Well Derby, I escaped yesterday too - on the roof!
    Mommy about had a heart attack.
    Daddy had to climb up there and get me!

  3. Wow, you sure have team spirit, Derby!

  4. you gotted your team colors AND Your Princess MiaBella tattoo!!! WOOO!!!

  5. Derby

    Good think your Mom caught you before you got too far. Outside is fun and exciting but dangerous too..


  6. Hmmm...maybe I could don some yellow and black.

  7. I want to dart Out of Doors! Sadly I'm pretty convinced the threshold is made of fire and only my Meowmy can carry me over it. Aren't you so happy feetsball is back??


  8. Mom does not like it when I escape into the backyard. I usually try to rush the door but she catches me right away and puts me inside. Just because I like to jump fences, sheesh!

    Feetsballs is Dad's favorite sport and he is glad the season has started.

  9. (sigh) This is exactly why my Dad refuses to let me out, even on a leash or being carried. He's afraid if I get used to being out, I'll try to escape on my own and could get lost. Good thing your Mum caught you and got that gook off your furs.


  10. My Dad will be checking in to see how the Packers do. His Colts got off to a slow start. I'm real impressed with your team coloring and your braveness to sneak outside.

    I know what you mean about the good ol' days. I remember being able to check everyone's posts in about 30 minutes tops, and that's commenting everywhere. I know we need to clean up some of our links, but we're kind of nostalgic about some of them, too. I just hate that I don't get to everyone as much as I used to.


  11. How could you not win everyone will vote for your party (and good work on the Harry Houdini stuff Derby). FAZ

  12. It's cool you got to go outside. Just be careful!

  13. it iz hard ta keep up wif alla dem bloggies! Iz very hard. Soo many kittehs, not nearly enouf tim!

  14. The Pack is ahead in the 4th quarter. Brett who? :-)

    Derby, a vice-president should be ready to take the top position on a moment's notice. I think it's good that you're ready to take risks, but make sure you stay safe, just in case!

  15. Oh, and my human knows what you mean about visiting blogs -- like you, we do what we can...

  16. Ooh, ya got ta go outside with the Mommy! We are a bit used ta that, but we know some kitties only get to do that rarely (if at all). So congrats on the adventure!

  17. Hi! I finally get to come and visit my friends. How are you doing?

    You be extra careful when you go outside....please!

  18. Yoo've got our votes!
    Yoo sure look diffrent in yore team colors. hehehe
    Sanjee and the resta the Hotties

  19. We're sad Roscoe went to the bridge. We had hoped he would make it.

    We know what you mean about visiting and links. So many blogs and we enjoy so many but there just isn't enough time.

  20. Derby, you sound like you've been adventurous lately!


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