Sunday, September 7, 2008

Purrs for Roscoe - Help Mr Milky

One of my earliest blogging furriends is furry sick. Roscoe from Cat Naps in Italy is not feeling well and needs lots of purrs. Mum and me have followed their life in Italy, plus keep them informed about NFL feetsball. They is HUGE Indianapolis Colts fans. They even had a wonderful Stouper Bowl party a few years ago when the Colts played in and won.
The colors of the Italian flag represent Faith, Hope and Charity… let us one and all have faith in Roscoe’s ability to fight this… hope that he will soon be well… and offer charity by sending our prayers and our thoughts to his family for a fast recovery… Thanks as always to Zoolatry for the wonderful graphic.

His mum has sent a long story on what is happening and it is on the Purrs and Purrayers Blog.

Please join me in purring for Roscoe.

Helping Mr Milky

If you want to help out ArtsyCatsy for Mr Milky they have an raffle going. Auntie Deb and ML have an raffle going and it includes something that mum and I sent to Moki to use to help him or other kitties as he saw fit.

So go buy lots of tickets, besides the cute bird house that we donated, looks like me smiley boy, and a original DKM snuggle. Plus lots of other goodies.
Actually the click here on the graphic doesn't work. Go to Auntie Deb and ML's site to get your tickets.


  1. We are purring for Roscoe and have already gone over to add our get well soon wishes. Mom bought us some raffle tickets! That snuggle looks super comfy, too!

  2. we are purring very hard for Roscoe, with all of us purring and praying together, we could work a miracle.
    we'll go buy raffle tickets now!

  3. We are purring very hard for Roscoe. That birdhouse you donated for the Mr. Milky raffle is really cute.

  4. I'm gonna get mine tix for the raffle as soon as I find where mombean hid the credit card!


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