Thursday, September 4, 2008

The Good Ol' Days

A recent post by my bud William brought back some thoughts of when I first started blogging. This was in November 2005, shortly after I came to live with mum.

At that time there was maybe 2-3 dozen cat bloggers at that time. It wasn't hard to visit everyone, every day, comment every day on every blog and read all of everyone else's comments!

Now there are hundreds of us blogging away, sharing our lives and experiences. It is interesting but no way can I keep up. Mum tries to help me visit as many of you as I can, but many times we just stop and read, but not leave a comment. We have 38 blogs to add to our linkies. But we do try to stop by as often as we can.

We have a great community of cats and their beans. Supporting one another in our lives, sharing our joys and sorrows.

I sort of miss the Good Ol' Days, but welcome all of my fellow felines who have started blogging. I may be visiting but just don't have time to comment. That doesn't mean I am not trying to keep up with everycat.

Plus I gots some awards this past week, this is something we never had when I first started.

Eric and Flynn gave me the BFF Gold Card.

From SophieKittie I got the "I Heart Your Blog". Like I said, I love everycat's blog, but just don't have the time to keep up. I wish the good new days gave me more time to check everyone out.

I gives both of these to all of you, for being such wonderful furiends of me and all of the kitties out there in the Cat Blogosphere.

Farewell Friday
We say farewll to Texas. I didn't know him well or for very long. He like Storm had lymphoma and his beans helped him to get his wings. Play well at The Bridge my furiend, free of pain and limitations. See you sometime soon.


  1. It really has gotten hard to visit every blog every day, and comment on them. And it bugs me that there are a lot of kitty blogs out there I don't even KNOW about.

    I try to hit up as many on my blogroll every days as I can, and comment when I really have something to say...but there are some I go to every day no matter what. I love my whole blogroll, but some of the originals...they got the whole thing started, and I gotta see them every day.

    (Ya know I hit yours up every day...just don't always comment cause I can't think of anything funny to say...) Plus, it's my WOman's fault (it cant be MINE.)

  2. I just wanted to stop by and invite you to my party Friday-Saturday!!!

  3. We know what you mean. When we first started reading almost 2 years ago, we could easily read all the blogs every day, but now, we go to over 40 or 50 a day and can barely fit those in.

    Congratulations on your awards. You deserve them both.

    Tiki, Tavi, Cody, Camie and Miss Jade

  4. Mommy was thinking the same thing the other day - there is no way we can keep up and comment. It would be a full-time job.
    We have only been blogging for a year and a half and I can remember when Mommy would help me visit everyone!
    I guess I have to say Hurrah for us blogging kitties - we have a lot to say!

  5. We are on dial up out here in the woods so it takes FOREVER to visit and comment. Some cats we like but their blog takes so long to load up that we only visit once in awhile.

    I guess cat blogging is very popular.

    Have a good weekend Derby. Congrats on your award!

    purrs Goldie and Shade

  6. we feel bad too - we try and play catch up on the weekends sometimes.

  7. Maybe we should all just comment when we can - cos it is very difficult for Mom and me too! We love reading the blogs though - it makes us feel connected. Mom said that you''ll all know we care anyway.

    Love Milo xx

  8. We know what you mean Derby. We had to give up last winter when the LL took her extra job stuff on. We feel bad about not visiting the new kitties but we do if they come visit us. We at least skim our whole blog roll but don't always comment. We are sure to check in on you every time you post! I know we're not one of the 2005 gang but we did start in 2006.


  9. I wish I could have started my blog way back then! We use a feed reader (Bloglines) instead of going through the blogroll, and it is a little bit faster to visit more cats that way.

  10. We know how you feel Derby - we've only been at it about a year and it's hard to keep up! We use a reader to help us keep track, and we don't get to comment on every blog every day. But it's nice to have so many wonderful friends.

    Hope you have a great weekend!

  11. Congratulations on your award.

    We agree it is hard to visit everyone all the time any more. You are so right...

    So are you going to go show up McCain /Palin as he visits your state?

  12. We agree. We must have started 8 months after you and we feel bad that we can't comment on all our furrends blogs any more. We can't even keep up with the blogs posted on the CB some days but we try to visit as many as possible.

  13. We wish we could visit more blogs and comment. We do visit a lot, but we don't always have the time to leave a message.

    Sniffie and the Florida Furkids

  14. Congratz on your new awards, old friend.

    Yes, we'll hit 3 years in Nov and we agree our community has grown to an unbelievable size! But we feel that every newcomer should be welcomed and deserves a chance to tell about their families and lives, just like we did. It's impossible to read & comment daily on everycat's page now but we love seeing the pictures and try to follow certain stories. Now we break our visits down to sections of the alphabet so we can get around to everycat once every 7 to 10 days!

  15. This takes us down memory lane a bit too ~ we started in mid 2007 and there were so many cat bloggers then that have stopped blogging now, for various reasons. It is sad sometimes to visit their abandoned blogs and think of those kitties...

  16. It is a large community! It is impossible to visit everyone everyday!

  17. Derby ...
    Never have I agreed with a posting more than I have with this one. There are so many enchanting blogs written by furriends an' there isn't enough time in a day ... what with naps an' baths an' stuff ... to get to efurry one efurry day. I often feel like I'm bein' traitorous by not stayin' up furry late to write even the littlest comment ... Sigh. An' I, too, have a bunch of new bloggies to put onto my blogroll, but I haven't yet.

    Keep the faith, dood ... an' I shall do the same.

    Concatulations on the awards ... an' we're sendin' our purrayers to Texas's fambly, too.


  18. I agree with Max...Miz Allie Cat finds it harder in the summer months as she likes to get out with the birds and bugs a lot and mommy is always gone...:( but now that scholl is back in she hopes to get me on here more often...MEow

  19. Great awardies. Yeah, we can't visit half the kitty blogs we would like to anymore.

  20. We completely understand. At times it can be hard to keep up with everyone...

    Well the squillion are still in hiding, but a birdhouse has come out to help Mr. Milky!

  21. Congratulations on your awards, Derby! We've only been around a year, but we know exactly what you mean and understand completely. We see some friends visit once a week or month or coupla months, but we realize it's hard to visit often. Often would mean late, late nights. No, good for getting thru the next day!

    take care,
    Mindy & Moe

  22. We totally understand Derby. We remember when there were around 20 of us at the very beginning - it was much easier to keep up with all of the blogs with daily comments. Now we read as many as we can via google reader and comment when we can.


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