Monday, November 17, 2008

ManCat Monday

Most of us rather like our cats to have a streak of wickedness. I should not feel quite easy in the company of any cat that walked about the house with a saintly expression - Beverly Nichols
Yeah, that would be me, a little wicked or sassy as mum says it. That is why I am called a sassy cat. Here I am checking out mum while she was looking at her book of stuff when she last went to visit the UK. This was before we met all of the UK kitties, so she didn't visit them.

Mum felt much better on Sunday after getting a good nights sleep. The outside work is done now so the snow can start flying. Mum does not want it to start flying though. Plus all of the chairs and such have to be put away for the winter, otherwise they are in the way. Moving the chairs wasn't the hard part, it was the cutting down the flowers, mowing, winterizing that made her so achy, mostly her legs with all of the walking and such in the cold air. Mum worked outside for over four hours on Saturday. Me, I watched a little bit, then went off to nap.

Feetsball Report

The Pack whipped Da Bear

The Colts beat Texas

Brett the Jet won last Thursday over the guys named Pat

Lots of purrs to Moki and his beans. He is fighting a nasty UTI, blood in his urine and a temperature that isn't what it should be. I joined the nap pile to help warm him up last night.


  1. I am also worry about Moki as well~!
    I hope MOKI will be better in no time :(

  2. We are purring for Moki and joined his nap pile last night too.
    We like the way you are watching your mum over the book. It looks like you are telling her not to forget you are there.

  3. Great shot of you peeking over the book!

    We are purring for Moki too.


  4. Poor Moki, we have a candle lit for him.
    Derby, it has snowed over an inch here last night!
    Daddy said a lot of bad words about the Bears. They are his team, I was glad it was not on TV here. That would have made it worse!

  5. Derby thank you so much for your kind words about Bouncie. We will never forget him. We are purring so hard for Moki to be well.

    Our beans get achy too when they work in the hard. Napping is a much better idea!

  6. We have joined in purring hard for Moki too.

  7. Hi ya, Derby...our mom gets a little sad too when she has to clean up the yard and put all the summer stuff away...she sez it's cuz the snow's on its way...

    We're purraying for Moki too...we so hope he will get better!

  8. We have lots of yard work to do ourselves (or rather our beans do), but we are hoping it will warm up again before we brave the outdoors. We like reading with our Mommy too.~S,S & C

  9. Hahaha! Derby, you look so cute peeking at your Mum above her book.

  10. Good picture of you going "Notice me, not the book," Derby!

    It is a shame your mum did not know me when she went to the UK, she could have come to see me!

    My mum wanted to finish tidying the garden this weekend but it rained and rained, again. So she had to defer it to next weekend.

  11. I bet you snoopervised the winterizing very well, Derby.

  12. "Wow" your poor mom's been very busy.
    I hope she gets some rest time.I will be praying for Moki...Hugs Ariel

  13. I'm glad yore Mommy felt some better after some sleeps. Naps are good that way! We're sending purrs for Moki too. Hope yoo have a grate week Derby!
    Sanjee and the resta the Hotties

  14. We're sending our warmest purrs to Moki.

    We got an inch of snow here last night - it's a good thing that Daddy got the last of the outside wrk done here.

  15. Oh how fun it would have been to visit a few UK kitties!!!!!

  16. Derby, we are surprised you didn't jump on the book to get your Moms attention. Today when Mommy came in from outside, she said it smells like snow....snow has a smell? Well our beans are not ready for snow yet. Two new gates have to go up, the last piece of new railing out back and they didn't get the deck screened in!! All that time spent at the Hospital & rehab visiting Grammom set back lots of work but it was worth it 'cause she is walkin' all over the place! Are you decorating yet?=^Y^=the Cat Street Boyz


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