Saturday, October 31, 2009

Happy Hollow Weenie

Happy Hollow Weenie to all of my furiends, I hope you get lots of treats and no tricks today.
Below is what mum thinks is a cute idea that a neighbor has in their yard for the hollyday, sutble but still cute. Why wouldn't witches and ghosties play ring around the rosie?
Mum came home with a black cat last week, from somebody named Joann, all dressed up like a witch, pretty purple cape and holding a pumpkin.
Mum had seen it in the store a while back but said she thought it costed too many green papers. But when she saw it the other day it was already marked way down, so she bought it. When she got it home she found out a surprise about this kittie which the video shows.

Mum didn't know it played a song until she touched the paw to made the video. I could tell by the big smile on her face she was happy with it.

I will be out and about the house during the day, mum says I can stay in the sleepy room while she hands out sweet treats to the sticky little people who will come by tonight.

Have a great day. Plus mum has to get ready for feetsball on Sunday, number 4 is coming to Lambeau.


  1. Wow! That scareded us at first! Toddler bean loves it and made mum playt the video over and over.

  2. Black magic kitty! Better give it some treats before he puts a spell on youu heheh cute buy!

  3. Happy Halloween, Derby!! We've got some ghosties playing ring around the rosie in our neighborhood too!

  4. How nice to be surprised and get music! It's cute!
    You are sure checking it out good, Derby!

  5. We like the black kitty too. Mum was sniling and smiling at you checking it out. When the pumpkin sang 'Don't turn your back on me baby' you turned around again!

  6. Happy Halloween!!!
    ~Meeko & Kiara

  7. It looks like you are all ready for Halloween! Have a good one!!!

  8. We put up our 'tocks picture of baby Annie for you Derby!

    Happy Halloween!!!

    Luf, Us

  9. Have a Happy Hallowe'en, Derby! It sounds like you are prepared for it!

    ~Whisker Tickles,
    Lizzie and Connor

  10. The black Halloween cat with the singing pumpkin is very cute. I love the witches and ghosts playing Ring around the Rosie. Happy Halloween!

  11. Happy Halloween

    And we has a treat for you two of us are showing our tocks.

  12. We love the neighbor's yard decorations. That stuffed black is really cute. We hope you have a happy Halloween.

  13. Whoa. Mom jumped when she heard that!
    Have a Happy Halloween :-)

    peesss: Mom wants to know where you got it?

  14. Ha! That video was pretty cute! Happy Halloween, Derby!

  15. Great video! I'm partial to stuffed black kitties, especially if it is me stuffed with stinky goodness. ha ha ha

    Happy Halloween Derby! I was safely locked away tonight too.

  16. PS mommy is humming that song look happy with the music too!

  17. Hi Derby! Just wanted to stop by and say:


    Purrs, Halloween

  18. Oh yeah, we ALL stayed in the bedroom all evening. Too many scary strangers!

  19. Looks for sure that you were ready for Halloween. I hope you got lots of treats and no tricks.

  20. Ah Derby, number 4 came to Lambeau, but not only that, he also saw and he conquered.

    My human mom likes to sing "Got a black Magic Marker..." and make my human dad laugh...

  21. Ooo! Great song! Mommy was surprised when the PUMPKIN started singing though!

    We didn't decorate this year, but mommy says that's ok, our house is decorated with Halloween cats year round anyway!

    Hope you had a good Halloween!



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