Thursday, October 29, 2009


Don't forgets Blog Blast for Peace next week on Thursday Nov 5. So you can see the count down timer to the right, and a blank Peace Globe for the upcoming day. I have one that is decorated for me that I will post on November 5. You can get your blank badge to make your own here.

Mimi Lennox is the bean who has founded this movement a few years a go. We all need to support her. You only have a few weeks or so to get your Peace Globe, purrsonalize it and ready to post. You can do a blank you if you like, but I like to make it my own. If you scroll down on my sidebar you can see my previous Peace Globes.

Secret Paws

Frequently Asked Questions About Secret Paws:

1. What is Secret Paws????

A. Secret Paws is a fun game! You submit your name by the deadline, and you will be paired up with your Secret Paw. Your Secret Paw won’t know who you are until the big day! Then you send them a nice Chrissymouse present in the mail (under $10.00). And guess what???? You will be someone’s Secret Paw too! And you will get a Chrissymouse present as a surprise!

2. Is Secret Paws fun?

A. Of course! And it’s a nice way to celebrate Chrissymouse and make new furriends.

3. What’s the deadline for entering?

A. The deadline to enter is NOVEMBER 14TH. PUT IT ON THE CALENDAR!

4. When will I know who my Secret Paw is?

A. You will be emailed with the information before Thanksgiving.

5. What’s the email address to enter:


If you have anymore questions, submit them in the comments box, and I will answer right away!


  1. We have ours downloaded and are getting it!

  2. Blogging for peace is a great idea!

  3. Derby, The Big Thing hunted the fevver-butt rattly mousies at PetsMart. We hope got some near ya!

  4. Oh, an we are designin our BlogBlastFerPeace design right now...

  5. I better try to see if I can get my peace globe put together.

  6. Thanks for remind!
    Peace globe is very important for always!

  7. Secret Paws sounds like lots of fun!

    Are the presents for the kitties or the beans?

  8. Thanks for the reminders! We gotta get mom to make our Peace Globe right away!

  9. We're sitting out Blogblast because we're so new to blogging, but it's a grerat idea. We'll have to get mama motivated for Secret Paws.

    ~Whisker Tickles,
    Lizzie and Connor

  10. Hi Derby.

    Thanks for the reminder about blog blast.

    Hope all is well with you.

  11. Thanks for stopping by my blog when I was feeling tummy sick.

    I just read your last entry on nick names. You have wonderful nicknames! I don't have that many.

    My mom said I can download the blogblast for peace.

  12. We will have to tell mum she has to do our Peace globe very soon so she doesn't forget it.

  13. I'm thinking about doing my yoga peace globe again this year.

    Thanks for the plug about Secret Paws. As soon as Halloween is over, I'm going to start advertising heavily! It's so much fun!


  14. Thanks for reminding me about blog for peace. I'm going to have to bug momma to get my globe!

  15. Mewmie's not sure how to purrsonalize one, but we'll put a banner up and join in anyway...


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