Monday, January 25, 2010

ManCat Monday

A cat will tolerate cuddling and stroking - if she has nothing better to do. - Author Unknown
Yeah I agree with that. Mum says I am a lover kittie first thing in the AM when she gets up. Then for a little bit when she comes home from day hunting. After than I will ask for scritches on my terms but sometimes mum comes after me anyway. If I really don't want the attention I start growling.

It was warmish, rainy, foggy for most of the weekend. Mum spent lots of time running around doing stuff on Caturday, plus dinner with Miss Lynn. The worst part is mum gotted stopped in the metal monster by the local police! Seems her brake light had burned out. She was good and gotted it fixed right away so now she is in good graces again with the local police.

My furiends over at Zoolatry were so kind to send this over to me and a lot of other kitties. Thank you.
Plus they are doing a contest called "What's in your litterbox". Well other than the obvious stuff, nothing else. I don't hide my toys there! Go check out the contest.

Feetsball Report

The Stouper Bowl Matchup is set.

Mum is furry happy that The Colts beat them Jets for the AFC Championship! I know that will make the gang over at Cat Naps in Italy happy too. They are from Colts territory.

Now on the NFC side, it was quite a game. It went into sudden win overtime and The Saints prevailed. True to form, Brett the Viking didn't have a good championship game, he threw 2 interceptions and there were a bunch of fumbles by the Vikes too. Mum is happy, there is no way she could support the gang in purple.

So on to the Stouper Bowl in two weeks on February 7. Let the hype begin.


  1. Herman is a bit like you, Derby. He really wants to cuddle when we go to bed at night and when I get home from work. The rest of the time, he's not too interested and will give me the bitey if I try to pet him too much. Our weekend has been full of snow and wind.

  2. It's nice that your Mom gas figured out when the best times are to cuddle you!

  3. We're lovey and snuggly all of the time. We also wish for some sun for longer than five minutes, too!

  4. I can never say no to a skritch!

  5. we likes to cuddle anytime the mom stops moving

  6. We have our cuddle times too.......but only when we want them......Andy sometimes wakes mamabug up around 4 am wanting scritches.

    Happy Monday!!!!!!!!!

  7. I only snuggle on my terms any time of the day. Gemini is definitely an early morning and late evening kitty and she sleeps on the bed. I am an afternoon kitty but sometimes I like attention at other times too--it depends!

  8. Mom & Dad were hoping the traitor would lose, and he did.

    We 4 are very different in how we'll take our scritches. Personally, I'll take them any time at all. Tipper likes hers in the evening and Max and Misty will only take them on their terms - a few here, a few there, before they get crabillated.


  9. Our bean is content with the way the championship games came out as well. She's still a lil upset about her Bengals, but now she's trying to decide whether to go for Brees or Manning. She's leaning towards Brees right now. I guess it's an underdog thing.
    As for the cuddling, our bean swipes us up all the time, especially my brother, but me too a lot. I just squirm away a bit sooner usually.

  10. Flynn: I like cuddles whenever mum sits down and other times too, but I have to go to her. If she picks me up for a cuddle I usually get down again.
    Eric: I like to snuggle early in the morning before the Beans get up and night times when they go to bed. As soon as they are asleep, I go back to the recliner. I like to lie on dad when he gets home from work too.

  11. I don't hide my toys in the litterbox either.
    your bud Pepi

  12. I like chin scritches and ear scritches the best. I never get tired of them. EG's only good for a couple of chin scritches before he gets hissed off.


  13. Derb-a-tola, we LOVE that you are a football fan. That second game was incredible. Wow.

    My brother Busby is a big cuddle boy and loves attention from whoever he can get it from. Even strangers who come to the door. It's embarrassing. Me? I play hard to get. I only snuggle when I am good and ready. Usually, I just get up and walk away if my Mom tries to give me love when I don't want it.

    Purrs, Raymond

  14. Cuddling is definitely on MY terms around here too. I have a certain way I like Mom to carry me or hold me. Usually I do not "do" laps. But I am still very affectionate in wanting to be close.

  15. I am like you, I jump into bed with Mom only after the lights are out to snuggle and sleep until morning when I get my scritches and rubs. After that it's on my terms.


  16. I loves me some attention!! I think it's funny that you growl.

  17. Well, Derby, sometimes you gotta let your mom know when you don't want cuddles. I'm like that too...I don't growl though...I get kinda squirmy....

  18. I like cuddling with Michico and I won't let her move a bit.

  19. Derby we are related. I know it. Affection is ALWAYS on my terms around here. I really just do it that way to make Glogirly crazy. It's a game.

    And speaking of games... just when I decided to root for my home team, Brett Fav-re proves that he should have stuck with Mary in "There's Something About Mary." Sheesh. I'm embarrassed to be a Minneapolis cat right now.

    (Glogirly's cat)

  20. We are a bit different in the cuddles department - some of us want it all the time, some want it on our terms.

    So the question is who do you want to win the Superbowl - Colts or Saints? We don't have a connection to either in any way, so we lean towards Colts, because they have the animal name.

  21. Dante is the same way. He cuddles on his terms only.

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  23. agree with "Personally, I'll take them any time at all. Tipper likes hers in the evening and Max and Misty will only take them on their terms - a few here, a few there, before they get crabillated."


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