Saturday, September 25, 2010

Life and Death

Phooey! Mum has been running around or been gone most of the day. So we are just getting around to posting.

First a celebration of birth, our Grampie cellybrated 95 years of life. Mum spent most of the day with him. Happy Day Grampie. By now you are probably sound asleep!
This is a picture of him from last month, he was resting in his favorite spot, his recliner!
While we were checking things out we found out that one of our little furiends from France ranned off to The Bridge today. So farewll Yuu-chan, you were so young to leave us so soon.


  1. Congratulations to Grampie on his 95th birthday. That is a great old age. My grandpa only made it to 93.

    We are so shocked about Yuu-Chan. Mom was crying here, feeling so sad for #1, and for the unfairness of Yuu-Chan having to die so young. He was barely out of kittenhood. Mom is discouraged by all the kitties, young and old, who have gone lately.

  2. Happy Birthday to your Grampie!!

    And we still can't believe Yuu-Chan has left us! He was much too young!!! Purrs to#1 who is missing him so much.

  3. Happy Birthday to your Grampie! We are glad he had his family with him to celebrate. We like his Our Family Forever saying. It is perfect.

    purrrrrrrrrs about Yuu-Chan. sigh.

  4. One who has seen so much in life, one who saw much less... but both well-loved, and that will never end. Happy birthday to your Grampie. Safe journey, Yuu-Chan...

  5. Happy birthday to your grampie.

    It is sad about Yuu-Chan.

  6. Happy Birthday to your Grampie! 95 years is a LOT of life to see and experience. Congratulations!

    We were so shocked by Yuu-Chan's passing over the Bridge. We are sending good thoughts to #1 and her fur family.

  7. Wow! Happy Birthday to your Gampie!!! That's a big one!

    We were shocked when we read about Yuu-Chan leaving. We are purring for his family.

  8. Happy birthday to your Grampie.
    It is very sad that Yuu Chan went to the Bridge so young.

  9. Wow! Happy birthday to your Grampie!

    :-( Yuu-Chan.

  10. Congratulations and Hpapy Birfday to Grampie! Wow, the Human says he has really seen a LOT in his life!

    Purrs for Yuu-Chan & his People.


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