Monday, September 13, 2010

ManCat Monday

Passion for place - there is no greater urge in feline nature. - Paul Annixter
This is one of our fav spots. The back of the couch. We can see out windows from here, mum is usually sitting in front of us, which means it is easy to get treats from here.

Mum took time to work outside in the yard today. Used the grass cutting monster, cooked lunch outside or at least part of it. Took pictures of flutterbys that came by too. Mum says she hasn't had many of these days this year between doing stuff for Grampi, the heat and mosquitos too.
Mr Monarch, mum said she had four of them flitting about the butterfly bush at one time.
A different flutterby on the cone flower.
A goldyfinch eating at a sunflower that the squirrels planted for mum.

Feetsball Report
It is that time of the year again. Feetsball season, so here is our first report.

The Pack - They won, beating the Eagle birds.

Grampa Brett and the VikQueens - lost to the Saints, mum said Grampa Brett looked rusty.

The Colts - They lost so no worries about an unbeaten season. In the past few years they have gone late into the season before getting beat.

Grampie report
Mum says he is crabilated and wished he could go home to heaven. Mum keeps gently reminding him that God will come for him when God is ready for him. Mum went to watch the Packer game with him, but he was too tired to watch the whole game. His breathing wasn't good today so he was getting extra oxygen.


  1. We are sorry to hear Grampie is feeling crabilated. Mom said she so understands. Her own grandfather died aged 100 years and 4 months old ~ and in the last few years his life became a physical struggle (he was registered blind, had always worn a hearing aid but became almost profundly death, and could no longer walk or care for himself)and he often said he was ready to go to Heaven.

    Mom also gently reminded him that God would collect him when God was ready. It was an emotionally painful time for family, and obviously difficult for Grandad.
    So Mom really does understand.

    Mom said that one of the things that brought the most comfort was just sitting holding grandad's hand. There wasn't a need for words ~ just knowing that Mom was there was a comfort for Grandad, and she knowing he knew, was comfort for her.

    Blessings to yoor Grampie, and to yoor mom.

  2. purrrrrssssssss for your grampie. we knows how hard it is for the moms to deal with.

  3. Purrs to your Momma and your Grampie--that has to be a very hard time for all.

  4. We are purring for your Grampie and your Mum, and we are happy your Mum is taking a little time for herself to take pictures and spend time with you boys.
    hugs and headbutts,
    Lounge Kats xx

  5. We haven't seen much flutterbys either. It must be the summer heat, which we had plenty of.

    Purrs to your mom and your grampie.

  6. I'm sorry your Grampie is so crabilated. I hear mine got that way, too, when he was ready to go. Yet at the same time he didn't want to go, if that makes sense. I guess that would make me grumpy, too...

  7. WE are sending purrs for Grampie! Mama works a lot with older people, and they can sometimes get despondent. Just being there for him is the best thing that you can do right now.

  8. We are sending purrs for your mum and your Grampie.

  9. We've had a few flutterbys around...we got our mom to take some pictures and we'll post them this week. We're sorry your grampie is so crabilated. We're purring for him and your mom because we know how hard it must be for her to see him like this.

  10. Purrs for your Mom and your Grampie. Your Mom is very wise, but the Human understands about what the Gampie feels too because of some old people in her own family. I hope somehow he can feel less crabilated soon.

  11. We are very sorry your Grampie is not doing well and feeling ready to go to Heaven; we are purring loudly and praying for your Grampie...kisses, handsome boys and hugs to your Mom...J, Calle, Halle, Sukki

  12. Poor Grampie! I'm sorry he is all crabilated. Being crabilated is no fun. :( Of course, it isn't any fun to be around someone who is crabilated either.

    Purrs to you all.

    Also, beautiful pictures! I'm glad your mommy got to enjoy her feetsball and going outside in the garden.

  13. Your yard still looks great. Our mom is about 4 days past needing the grass cutting monster but moms had a migraine for 3 days and hasn't got to it yet.
    Please give your grampie our best purrs and tell him our hearts are with him.

  14. I'm back and still following you. As per my latest blog post, I'm letting everyone that's in my following list know I still have them.
    Living in Philly, it was risky, but I said Go Packers (being a Packers fan even before a Bengals fan), and I am psyched that they won. Sadly my Bengals didn't win, but the way they played, they didn't deserve to. Brett needs to retire. It's time. I know he had one heck of a season last year, but that doesn't take away from the fact that he's getting old (in QB years) and needs to hang it up before he ends up injured beyond repair.

  15. We are purring for your Grampie. And for your Mom.

  16. Oh my, we've missed a lot with your grampie. We're sorry he's not feeling well. Boys, you need to take care of your mum so she doesn't wind up at the human fix-it place too!

  17. We love yer butterfly bush! It looks the same color as ours an we get those flutterbys too. We may get a new red one next year cuz hummers like red best.

  18. Our mewmie boughts 5 flutterby bushes for US this year...but til we get down in the basement, we can't view the fluttering!!! Talk about crabilated!

    We hope your grampie has some good days to make up for the bad hard to do more than hold hands and comfort...


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