Monday, September 20, 2010

Mini ManCat Monday

To err is human, to purr is feline. - Robert Byrne
Gosh I had fun yesterday with Meow Like a Pirate Day. Dirty Jack Kidd, that is me pirate's name. I never had so much fun at my old home! Maybe that is why I ranned away. I will stick around here, I have so much fun. I gets so much love too!

I even have started meeting mum at the door when she comes home from day hunting. Derby does it all the time. Otherwise I sit in the front window and watch for her. She waves at me while waiting to put the metal monster in its room.

Grampie Update - doing OK, but mum thinks his confuzzlement is here to stay. He is calmer but doesn't remember things that happened recently. But he does remember her and Uncle Stormie and Uncle Flip. He even came up with a motto for the family.

One Family, Forever

Sort of makes mum tear up when she thinks of it. Yep they are all one family and I guess Derby and I are part of that family too. Mum worked on sorting through lots of Grampies old books and then she hauled them off to a used book store. What they didn't buy, they will at least recycle for her. So the house is getting much less cluttered. The dining room is free of all but one piece of furniture that doesn't belong there. The back guest bedroom is back to normal. The office room is much less cluttered too. Mum even let us in there to look around on Caturday.
Mum got a picture of Bunzer yesterday too when she went to visit and watch the Packer game with Grampie. One of the big TV's is in the kittie room, so that is where they sat to watch the game.

Feetsball Report

The Pack - They won, home opener and pretty much kept them Buffalo's under control.

Grampa Brett and the ViQueens - Grampa Brett turned the ball over 4 times, one fumble which the Fin's got a TD on and then three INT's.

The Colts - It was brother against brother in the game, Manning vs. Manning. In the end brother Peyton and the Colts prevailed.


  1. I think you made a good choice, Ducky. I'm sorry about your Grampie's confusion, but at least he still enjoys watching football and remembers the important things.

  2. We love grampie's saying: One Family, Forever. We are sorry abowt his confuzzlement ~ but mom said as long it doesn't distress him, not to worry. Mom said she can't even remember wot she did half an hour ago sumtimes, either!

  3. What a great moto! We are purring for your Grampie.

  4. We are purring and purraying for your Grampie.

  5. I also enjoyed Meow like a Pirate Day for the first time, Ducky. I like your pirate name - much better than mine turned out to be (Landlubber Francis - where does THAT come from?).

    Purrs for your Grampie, and for your Mum. My Mom knows how hard it is to see a father decline mentally. But it is really good he still remembers his family and loves them.

  6. Human Kim here:

    The issue of declining cognitive ability is difficult...My mom is going through that with her husband, who is 10 years older than she is. He's just home now (Friday) after 2 months in hospital and rehab after breaking his hip. His short term memory isn't good, and the doctor started him on a drug which is supposed to lessen the continued memory loss, though not restore what he has lost already. I'm skeptical, but I guess it's worth a shot.

    So I'm sending your mom and Grampie lots of healing Light and hope that your mom has others to help her with your Grampie.

  7. I am glad that your Grampie is stable it sounds like and that your Mum is digging out. We understand about the confusion. Our Male's Mother is really confused right now and they don't think she will get all that much better.

  8. Purrs & Headbutts to Grampie and your Mum Derbs & Ducky.
    We are glad you meet mum at the door. We do that sometimes and it makes ours feel wanted. She is, usually because its feeding time!

    We wondered if you'd recognize those old pictures of the box you sent. Mom can't get new pictures off her camera lately and is recycling old ones for now.

  9. Pee Ess:
    How great to have a kitty sighting at Grampies place!! Kind of like a treasure hunt.

  10. We're sorry that your Grampie is confused. Our great Nan is confused sometimes too.

  11. Ducky, we think you and Derby looked purrty menacing in your eyepatches! We're glad you and Derby are Bros now.

    Purrs and prayers for Grampie, and your Mum.

  12. this is a bittersweet update...

  13. Hi Ducky! We are sorry to hear that the confuzzlement is probably here to stay but we are glad he is calmer now, and that he remembers your mom and uncles. And it is a wonderful saying - we can see why your mom would get a little teary - it made our mom that way too. We are sending over lots of purrs for your grampie and your mom too.

    So, it looks like next week it is your Packers against our Bears (but since we aren't super into football, well, if you guys win that is ok - we think our team has just been getting lucky and probably won't do too well to be honest).

  14. We are glad you had fun being a pirate Ducky. We had fun too. We are sorry that your Grampie is confused. We send purrs to him and to your mum.

  15. We love Grampie's motto too.

    I wonder if some nip would help.

  16. Ducky, yer a lucky cat ta be in such a fine ecitin home...

  17. We wonder if Bunzer is related to Artemisia.

    We are glad your Grampie has such a nice place to live. We are sorry about his confuzzlement and know it must be upsetting for your Mom, but we thinks the Motto "ONE FAMILY FOREVER" is pawsome.


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