Saturday, November 20, 2010

Farewell Sweet Patches

One of my earliest furiends on the CB has runned off to The Bridge. Patches of The Big Piney Woods has left us behind.

I will miss you Patches. You were a sweet ladycat, I think you hosted the first ever big party for the CB, when you had your nap-a-thon in January 2006. You taught me how to teleport so I could come to the party. Now we think nothing of popping over to see our buddies.

You help host the Cat-O-lympics, and we sat in the woods to watch for fairies. Those were good time my furiend.

Your sisfurs, Mittens, Mystrie and Precious Flower will miss you, me too.

Purrs to your mom, Calico Mom Toni, your bean Dad too, they will miss you as well. The picture below is from her mum.


  1. We will miss Patches Too. She was one of our first friends and helped us when blogging was new to us and we were getting in a muddle.

  2. Derby, these were wonderful memories to share, thanks.
    Purrs and hugs to Miss Patches' Fur and Bean family.

  3. Thanks for the reminders about Patches. With her and Inigo both leaving at just about the same timed - considering the time differences - it's just a sad weekend.

  4. We didn't know Patches, but we send you our condolences as her friends. It is sad when a sweet kitty has to go to the Bridge.

  5. Oh Derby
    We remember teleportin over to watch the fairies too! What a wonderful memory. We were so sad when we saw that Miss Patches went to the Bridge, it feels like a piece of us went too. Whenever we lose a long time kitty friend it hurts way down deep.

    soft purrs

  6. Purrs to Miss Patches. Post pictures of butterflies for her.

  7. It was sad to see Miss Patches and Inigo go to The Bridge. Miss Patches was one of our first blogging buddies too!

    Thank you for your kind words when Gatsbi passed over to The Bridge on Sunday. She will be dearly missed by all of us here at Forty Paws.

    Luf, Us and Maw

  8. What nice memories. I didn't know Patches, but she was a very pretty girl. Sympathy to her family & furriends.

  9. We feel very bad for Patches family. She was one of our first friends, too.

  10. What a wonderful tribute to my lady! She was the one who told me about your smile, Smiley Boy.

    CalicoMom Toni

  11. We remember the first blogosphere party too. It was so fun, going back and commenting all day long, interacting with everyone (who in those days weren't like it is now!) We all knew each other.
    We remember well how she taught us to teleport.

  12. We were sad to hear about Patches too. The Catolympics seems like such a long time ago!

    Dora has been a Bad Kitten this week - just been posting about it!


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