Monday, November 29, 2010

Mini-ManCat Monday

The Chinese philosopher Confucius owned a cat and always kept it by his side. He apparently believed that the cat was sent from heaven to serve as a conduit for divine wisdom.

Hiya, Ducky here. Hope everyone had a good holiday weekend. We did! We got lots of sleeps, treats and snuggles. But no turkey! We lot lots of other noms but no turkey. Mum did not cook a turkey and ate her turkey meal with Grampie on Thursday.
Caturday before mum got up from her sleeps I jumped up on the sleeping spot and laid down right by her with my bum in her face! She moved her head just a bit, but then had both of her arms out to encircle me like the little green nap bed. We just snuggled for the longest time which was nice. Derby just sat on the floor and watched us. Finally mum had to get out of the sleepy spot so she could go foods shopping and do the washy routine with the monsters in the basement.
Derby did his best to soak up some solar power. With the short days we have to get the sun while we can. These front windows get lots of sun in the AM, the kitchen windows get it in the afternoon.
Derby is so much bigger than I am, he needs more solar power than I does. But if there is no solar heat to soak up we just hang out in front of the heaty spots near the floor. There are lots of them so we don't have to fight over getting a spot to be warm.
Here is our back yard, we can sit here and watch the fevvers with mum as she counts how many come to the feeders each weekend.
It may be bright and sunny but it is cold out. Mum got out her warmer coat this past week.

Feetsball Report

The Pack - Losted to the Falcoln fevvers

Grampa Brett and the ViQueens - The won with their new coach against the Redskins in Washingtown.

The Colts - Playing on Sunday night and behind to The Bolts at halftime. Mum will have to see if she stays up late to see the end of the game. Probably not, she has been nodding off all evening.

Buckingham U Badger's feetsball team will be bowling, most likely for Roses on New Year's Day. Won't know for sure until next Sunday!


  1. Snuggling is nice isn't it Ducky. We are snuggling in the bed with the Beans at night, then when they are asleep we lie in front of the fire together. No snow for us but it is very cold and today is the fourth day it hasn't got above freezing.

  2. We wish we had heating spots near the floor. We'd never move if we did.

  3. What a terrific weekend of snuggles and sun puddles!

    We wish we had nice sunny windows! Only one in the house faces south, the others face north. And none has a window sill (the mom has cat stands/condos in front of them).

  4. Nice heating spots. I love that. We do not get much sun around here any time.

  5. Hi Ducky! We have missed seeing you and Derby since mom's work computer got all goofy! IT sound like you had a great Thanksgiving and it sounds like your mom had a good one with your Grampie! We understand about needing to get the solar energy - we need it here too. And our days are short too, like yours. We have to use heating vents sometimes too! We think it is great you got to snuggle with your mom over the weekend - it sounds like it was wonderful!

  6. gToo bad about not having any roasted turkey bird. We only like the smell when it's roasting.

    It's been a sleepy weekend for us as well, with a lot of solar power.

    Have a good week.

  7. Ducky we agree snuggling is a great thing.
    We do our solar collecting on the south side of the Catio every morning...we stack up on the shelving and get our generators all revved up.

    Mommy is getting excited about the Chicago Bears!

  8. Our mom is jealous about that close-up snuggling. We only hang out at the foot of the bed.

  9. Ya should tell yer Mom ta get a package of turkey thighs. One fer her an one fer you guys. Thats what TBT did Friday an we are just finishin ours tonight.

    We like yer sideways heat vents. Ours are on the floor. If we lay on them, no warm air comes out. And it is not restful ta stand over them!

  10. Ayla and Iza are right - your human should get you turkey and make up for your lack of it on Thanksgiving. My human brought home leftover turkey from her dinner.

  11. Sounds like you all had a pretty good weekend!

  12. Hmm. I lubz the sun puddles, but not the snuggling so much! Glad you had a good Thanksgiving with the good noms!

  13. Snuggling with Mum is a terrific way to spend time. Your Mum is proving what Confucius said about keeping a cat nearby.

  14. We have yet to get any turkey either and we camp out on the desk right in front of the heater.


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