Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Pictures Needed & Callie Update

Hey everycat, our lovely lady furiends at Zoolatry need pictures for the CB 2011 Calendar. Sending in pics does not mean you have to buy a calendar.

But the green papers they get from this help to keep the CB website going, and you know we call use the CB to keep track of news of our fellow blogging kitties.

Ducky and I have sent in our pictures, I hope you will too. It is fun to pick out our buddies on the calendar.

As they say on the commerical JUST DO IT.

Several of you asked about where mum found Callie the Corpulent Calico, or Triple C, shorter, easier to say. She was found in the bedding department of a local department store. Boston Store mum says, part of the Bon Ton corporate chain. Mum did find her on one of their websites, so you can see the link here. Mum found her on sale and the check out lady even gave her a bigger discount cuz mum says she had to wait extra. Different animals are available, you can search on Livingquarters Animal Pals.

Here are two other pictures, from the other side and a rear view.
We don't think she will blog much, she is just here to hang out and keep us company.


  1. We already sent them our pictures AND we plan to buy at least one calendar! :)

  2. We've sent our pics in already! It's such a good cause.

  3. We sent in our pics right away!

    Our mom just loves Callie, is she's made in North America shipping would be duty-free to us, but if not, duty charges are too high. We'll check it out!

  4. We'll have to see if we have any good pictures. Triple C looks soft and squishy!

  5. We need to get our photos in! Woman get your behind in gear!!!

  6. We keep thinking we MUST send in some pictures and then we keep forgetting. Post-It Note time, #1!!!!!

  7. Callie and Ginger should get along very well.

  8. We gotta get our pictures in!! Our mom is such a procratinator!!

  9. Ah, we need to get mom to settle and send in our picks! She's constantly running here and there or going down to see da fosters and clean up behind them now. *sigh* If we could only train dad in how to do dis stuff...


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