Tuesday, November 2, 2010

The Water is Falling

Our waterfall is back! They finally fixed/replaced the gates that hold the water back, now there is a pond is back, the gooses and fevver duckies are back too. Mum even waited around to see what happened when some beans came by with food for the fevvers.

It looks a little icky yet as the weeds that grew are sort of floating there. Mum says she read that they wouldn't kill them as the water and cold this winter will kill them off.

Otherwise just sort of hanging out. The election is over exepting the vote counting, yippee for no more silly ads.


  1. I'm happy the fevver duckies have their pond back!

    Me and the Human are super happy the election is over so we can answer our phone again without robo-calls. We don't mind talking to actual humans!

  2. Greetings Derby and Ducky,

    So glad to hear that the water is back for our friends, for I am sure they have missed swimming in their natural element.

    Dad just noticed on one of your previous post something about calendars, so he will investigate this next.

    Also I hear that our humans have done their civic responsibility and voted.

    Wishing you all the best,
    Ms Kitty and Egmont

  3. Our Beans voted first thing this morning!

    How lovely to have the waterfall back...not only are the lake and falls pretty, the sound is wonderful too. Mommy enjoyed the video...looks like the weather is nice there! She likes to feed the ducks, too.

  4. What pawsome fevvers, but beware, they have teeths!

  5. The fevvers look so excited! Yay for the water to be back on!

  6. The waterfall, the pond, the fevvers are back. Can't have it any better.

    Our verification word is blinies ... sounds like a sandwich.

  7. Glad everything's back to normal and the waterfowl are fouling the water again :-))

    The Canada geese where we live have big harvested corn fields for eating and big ponds for bedding down afterward -- and no hunters! No wonder they don't bother flying south.

  8. How exciting!

    Oh, and no more stupid phone calls, either!

  9. It's beautiful!! We bet the birds really appreciate it too!

  10. We live by a lake, and yep, get lots of wildlife cuz of it...


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