Thursday, July 7, 2011

Garden Thursday

::three paw taps::
Today I will show you some of our plants and shrubs. Not much flowering at the moment. Above is one of a line of three varigated leaves, red twigged dog-wood. Mum likes these, they show up nice, give us something to look at. AND block our view from where the neighbor woofie Lacy likes to do her bizness.
Same shrub, when it is in shade. Still shows up really nice.
Our grape arbor, this was here when mum moved in. She just lets it grow, maybe trims it out every few years. But it too blocks our seeing our neighbors, they can be outside and so can we, but we have privacy. We may hear them, but we can't see them.
See the baby grapes getting going! That's all for this week.




  1. The grapes look awesome ~ they would be fun to play pawball wiv!

  2. You have a very nice garden. Our Mommy can't wait to work in hers. We hope that you get to enjoy the grapes when they are ready.

  3. I bet that grape arbor would be fun to explore! Have a happy day, kittehz!

  4. Your garden looks inviting and cool and shady. Nice that you have plants that can help give privacy.

  5. Your momma's plant look especially pretty. We have some new ones, but they're in the backyard, so we don't get to seem 'em much.

    Stay cool, boys!

  6. Oh my! We might have baby grapes this year too! We only have one grape vine but our neighbor has some and we weren't sure they were close enough to cross pollinate. Now you made the Woman happy.

  7. Your garden looks great! Our neighbor just planted a couple of those red twig dogwood bushes so we get to look at them!

  8. We have grapes too! My favorite thing to do with them is roll them across the floor but then one of my humans will go SQUISH! Much fun.

  9. What a wonderful garden, do you get to explore it? Orange goes very well with green :)

    Thank you for your kind words for Whicky, we miss him very much

    Gerry & Oliver

  10. It is nice to have shrubs that give privacy. Those grapes look like they will be tasty when they get big


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