Thursday, July 28, 2011

Garden Thursday

::three paw taps::
Hello and welcome to Garden Thursday, with your hostess Virginger! Today our flowers are a couple of the day lilies we have in the yard. Mum says these are plants that are pretty much idiot proof. Maybe even some of you brown thumbs could grow theses. The dark one is in the back garden, the pinky one out front.
Something is still breaking the rose canes. Mum is not happy. She had this all cleaned up a month ago, all the broken stuff cleared out. The other day,more broken stuff.
It hasn't been quiet here like lately. Our front these guys come along with big trucks, dump stuff off, dig holes and break up the street.
They even made a big hole across the street that they had to put a fence up so no one would fall in. Plus they came and dug up next to the house. So some of our ferns are gone. Mum says they will fill in again next year.
Not so hot this weekend, the boys told you about the open windows the other day. Plus we got some rain and thunder boomy storms.
Thanks for stopping by, see you next week

Love, Virginger


  1. The flowers are beautiful ~ and we're guessing the Bob the Builder/workman TV channel is interesting to watch too.

  2. Lovely flowers. Do the construction workers know they are being supervised?

  3. I'm so impressed with your ability to snoopervise so effectively from the window!

  4. Lilies always are lovely, though it's good you can't eat them. LOL.

    "Bob the Builder," as Milo and Alfie put it, might be interesting to watch! You could let the workers' supervisor know if they take too many breaks. Ha.

  5. We wonder who can be breaking your canes! We hope Bob the Builder soon finishes his work so you can have some peace and quiet again.

  6. Lots of stuff going on around your house, Virginger. We hope the digging equipment doesn't come near your garden.

    Stay cool.

  7. You're doing a great job keeping things in order.

    The Florida Furkids and Angel Sniffie

  8. Wow, those lilies are so pretty! We've never seen any that purple color before!

  9. Hope the construction stuff is done as soon as possible round there. LOVE that purply daylily. Dad wants to plant some daylilies but Mom keeps saying the deer round here will eat them.

  10. (Nope, my mom kill them!)

    Lots of noisy stuff going on!

  11. Well, of course I meant my mom would kill them. I think she can kill off silk plants.

  12. Hi Boys! You're looking good at that OPEN WINDOW! Yay!

    Sometimes we get the big machines that come and dig big holes and stuff. I can't figure out what good they are, but the Human says they buried all the utility stuff so now we don't have wires overhead anymore. Eh, whatever! Nose taps ;-)


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