Thursday, July 14, 2011

Garden Thursday

::three paw taps::
Hi Virginger with you today to guide you through Garden Thursday. Yes, part of my duties include snoopervising the outside cooking. This day mum just did some beast.
Our daylilies are just starting to bloom, these are some little gold/yellow ones. We have other colors that haven't started to open yet.
Mum worked hard last week to trim off the crabby apple tree. Seems the very end of the branches were hitting the house. Mum says that is a no-no for trees. The should not touch the house.
So here is the pile of the stuff all piled up by the side of the metal monster room. Mum took it off to the compost pile last Caturday, so no place for the chippies to hide.

Happy Bastille Day to all of our Frenchy furiends and their beans. See you next week.


  1. Things are sure looking good! Hey, is that a new header pic? Love it!!!

  2. Outside cooking with beast sounds good.

  3. Another outstanding piece of snoopervision. Did you have a small piece of the grilled beast, Virginger?

  4. Dad trimmed up our trees a couple weeks ago. We lost a limb off one tree that he had to saw off, then he just kept going with all the trees!

  5. Yum....roast beast!!!

    Mom used to have lots of purrty day lilies....until she didn't weed enough.

    The Florida Furkids and Angel Sniffie

  6. Your flowers are very pretty. I think I'd like to eat one.

  7. It would have been nice to leave a little of that pile so chippies would come around and give you more to watch on Kitty TV... of course, as Good Cats, we are somewhat biased.

  8. Thanks for that tour of your yard, Virginger.

  9. I luf it when dad cooks outside! We always get a taste. The smell drives us wild! Have a happy Friday, furriends!

  10. Happy weekend, precious friends...kisses...Calle, Halle, Sukki

  11. Your Mom worked very hard to get that tree off the house. We need to do that here, but have to have help.
    The Boyz will not let us have flowers, they eat them!
    Happy Weekend and enjoy the beast!
    ~ The Bunch

  12. Mmmmm. My favorite part of this tour was the beast on the grill.

    The crabby apple tree was pretty good too, since I am kind of crabby!


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