Monday, July 18, 2011

ManCat Monday

The cat is, above all things, a dramatist. - Margaret Benson
Drama, yeah we love it. First it is HOT, HOT, HOT. 90 in the shade So we didn't do much this weekend.

Mum did, she went out in the hots on Caturday, all day. Came home all sweaty, dirty, stinky, tired. She spent the day chasing old racy cars. Said she saw a Cheetah! Mum says not these guys but a car cheetah.
Mum remembered the camera, but forgot the memory card was in the puter! No picture of the Cheetah, mum said it broked first session and she didn't see it again. But here is what the racy car Cheetah looks like.
Sunday I sat down with mum and had a talk, told her we should be getting lots more treats. She didn't understand, was trying to talk cat. If she only new what she was saying! BLUSH!

Me watching some of the young fevvers outside. Following their beans around, not landing well on the bushes or fence. But no crash landings.
Ducky was helping mum balance the money account. We are good for this month per Ducky, enough green papers to pay the bills. Plus he helped her paste things on her game board from the food place. Trying to win a prize, but mum says not likely.

Stay cool kitties.


  1. hi Derby, we love to watch your conversation...
    u look confident & handsome...

    much love,
    BoBo Salem and his catlings

  2. OMC! I could not believe some of the things coming out of your human's mouth! MOL!!!! If only she knew!

  3. MOL..Sparkle's comment is so funny !
    At least , Your mom tried ..Ha..Ha..Ha

    Me, talks cat and Mom talks human, we do understand each other in one level. which I prefer that one..Ha..Ha..Ha


    PS : Mom said you look so handsome, Derby, and you have a cute " Meow "

  4. Holy cow, your mama should take some cat language lessons! We need to wash our ears out now! You have a very mancatly meow--all I have a little squeak! ~Connor

  5. ha ha ha! Your Mum's accent is as bad as ours. We are HOT here too, and the humidity is moving in so soon we'll be the same.
    Maui would *freak* if he saw a car cheetah in the house!

  6. Stay cool and stay in the shadows. We're having our share of the hot weather.

  7. You guys had a busy week. I do not think your human sounded as if she understood.

  8. Maybe if you talk LOUDER and SLOWER she will understand.

  9. We didn't know your mom spoke fluent cat! Mebbe she could teach my mom a few meows. Prolly can't teach the old crow anything, tho (cod luv her). Purrs.

  10. We cant beleeve she said THAT! It is so funny. Sometimes they can say actal werds, but they make NO sense...

  11. That was some conversation you had with your Mom. Mom and I talk like that too. It is funny that they don't know what they are saying in meow talk. Hee Hee. But I do have to agree with her when she said the real Derby is better than the one on the puter. To bad she didn't get a picture of the real Cheetah. I think the real one looks better than the racy car.


  12. It's good to hear you live and in person, Derby old pal. I congratulate you for tolerating your human's embarassing behavior!



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